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Getting ready for Dewey

I spend much of this afternoon packing up boxes to send ahead for Dewey. A very nice friend has graciously offered to let me send the boxes to her and she will bring them to Dewey Beach, Delaware in her trailer for us. This saves us alot of problems trying to bring all of our products, and our  3 greyhounds in our car for the trip.  Packing up the boxes made me realize how close Greyhound Reach the Beach actually is – just over 1 month away. We are really looking forward to it.

Other than packing up the boxes and getting a few orders ready to be shipped, it has been a fairly lazy day. Our dogs always seem to know when it’s not a work day and they get silly. Mandy has been pouncing on stuffies off and on all day today. Onyx has been acting goofy and giving lots of kisses. And Shadow has spent the majority of the day alternating between sunning himself and collecting and eating the beef bones in the backyard. Reggie has spent the day following me around. I love my dogs!


September 1, 2007 - Posted by | General

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