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Little Quirks

Our sweet Mandy girl (or as we affectionately call her, DeMandy) has this cute quirk at mealtimes. She gets so happy that she is going to get fed that she starts “nosing” anything and everything in site. It’s not just a little nudge but a continuous nudging until the item falls on the floor…or moves entirely. Just one of those adorable little quirks she has.

Do any of your pets have cute, adorable or even annoying quirks? I would love to hear about your pets quirks… 


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New Contest

Greyt Inspirations has a new contest. We are looking for a new, “catchy” slogan. We know that there a many clever and creative people that could probably come up with a greyt slogan for us, so we decided to run a contest.

The prize: your choice of one of our martingale dog collars or an embroidered t-shirt.

The contest runs from September 1 to September 22, 2007. The winner will be notified within a few days of closing and will be announced in our October newsletter.

Please visit Slogan Contest for all the rules and to submit your entry.

Good luck to all!

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