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Busy Two Days

The past two days have been quite busy.  While searching the net yesterday, I came across this amazing new social networking site which I promptly joined.

It’s a place for women entrepreneurs to meet, discuss and share ideas, good business practices, do’s and don’ts, etc… it is quite a new group however I expect that something good will come from it once it gets going.

Today was Shadows appointment at the vet to get the growth on his gums checked. Our regular vet is no longer at the clinic that we have been going to for the past 2 years, the practice was sold to another vet in July. We thought we would give the new owners a try – what a mistake.

The new owner, vet, has no personality whatsoever. He started off the visit by introducing himself to us, and giving Shadow a little pat on the head as he walked by him. (Strike One)   

He then proceeded to tell us about the hardships that greyhounds go through in the kennels – we quickly corrected him and told him that we have friends who own a kennel in Florida and all of their dogs are loved and treated like their own pets. (Strike Two)

When he mentioned how great Shadows teeth are and how terrible most greyhounds teeth are, we told him that Shadow is on a total raw diet, also explaining why – serious food allergies. He got this look on his face as if – raw diet, you need to know what you are doing in order to feed that type of diet. Once again, we promptly told him that we know exactly what we are doing having completely researched this type of diet and reminded him that this is the best thing for Shadow. (Strike Three)

As expected, the growth needs to be surgically removed. He went off to do up the quote for the minor surgery. He comes back with a quote of nearly $1000.00 – which includes teeth cleaning??? I told him that this is much more than what we paid to have the same thing done 2 years ago and he had a total teeth cleaning at that time. I questioned this and he was immediately on the defensive, saying that this type of growth stems from the build-up of calculus on the teeth? This, after telling us how nice, clean and white Shadows teeth are??? (Strike Four)

Needless to say, we left without scheduling an appointment for the surgery and we won’t be going back.

We now need to find another vet who is willing to be “educated” on greyhounds (if necessary).  They don’t realize that because we have been through alot with Shadow since adopting him, that we know alot about dogs health, especially greyhounds and we usually end up educating them in the beginning. If they are open to learning with us, we keep them as our vet – the hard part is finding a vet that doesn’t feel threatened by our knowledge. I’m not saying that we know more than them by any means, we just know what we have learned over the years and insist that they be willing to listen and learn too as many vets in our area are not familiar with greyhounds and their unique needs.


September 5, 2007 - Posted by | General

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