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Good News

The good news is that we took Shadow to the new vet this morning. We like the new vet, she is open and honest, and is willing to listen to us. We will be scheduling Shadows surgery with her. She took his bloodwork to check as per normal procedure before any surgery. After she gets the results back, we’ll be scheduling the surgery.

She has 4 other greyhounds in her practice so she is fairly familiar with them. Much better than the last vet…

 On another note, we got word today that T.J. (our pre-adopted greyhound puppy in Florida), broke his knee. They think he was playing too hard with his siblings and must have run into the shed. He will need surgery to fix the knee and they don’t know if he will ever be able to race. That decision will be made after the surgery is done and recouperation. Poor little guy, he’s only around 5 months old.  Apparently, the only sign of injury was his limp. No crying, no sign of pain…what a brave little guy; he must have a high threshold for pain.

We’ll know more on Monday.


September 8, 2007 - Posted by | General

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