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Tomorrow is Shadows surgery day. He is going to have a growth removed from his gums. This is the second time that he has had such a growth removed, last time was 2 years ago. I hate it when any of our dogs needs surgery, it’s just as stressful as when our kids or one of us needs surgery. It’s especially difficult with Shadow because he has alot of allergies. The vet always keeps him there for monitoring longer than normal “just in case” of an allergic reaction – better that he be there than anywhere else should he have a reaction.  I’ll be on pins and needles most of the day tomorrow.


Our little TJ had the surgery last week to repair him fractured patella. TJ is one of our pre-adopted greyhounds, that lives in Florida with his owners. He is healing very well, but uncomfortable with the pins he has sticking out of his leg. They say that he will heal completely and quickly due to his age – he is only 5 months old.

We have a few pictures from a few days ago (please note – a little graphic).

TJ 14 Sept 07   TJ 17 Sept 07   TJ

Can’t wait to meet TJ in person in March.


September 18, 2007 - Posted by | General

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