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Shadow is feeling better

A sure sign that Shadow is feeling better…it’s Saturday, and we always go for a nice walk on Saturdays (he’s very much a creature of habit). He’s been hinting all morning; we haven’t gone yet, so he got everyone “rooing” as a complaint. That’s our Shadow for you…

Yesterday, we bought some beef bones for the dogs. That is something that we do regularly, they LOVE them and it keeps there teeth clean. The butcher we buy the bones from was busy yesterday when we stopped in to get some and he only had a few for us. One of them was quite huge, the others were of normal size. We gave the bones to the dogs, and gave Shadow the “big” one since he is usually the most enthusiastic about the bones. Shortly after starting on the bones, it was their supper time. They all came in, ate their suppers quickly and Mandy was the first one back outside. She immediately took the “big” bone. Shadow followed very shortly after, noticed that Mandy had taken “his” bone and stood there looking at her. He would not eat any of the others – I guess they were just not good enough! He didn’t know what to do, just kept starting at her and standing nearby.

A little later, Mandy left the bone to go get a drink of water. Shadow grabbed it and started eating it. When Mandy returned, and noticed that Shadow had the bone, she walked up to him, stuck her face in his, growled and snarled at him. As Mandy is the “alpha” of our pack, Shadow did the right thing and walked away from the bone and Mandy resumed her treat. That was the first time we have ever seen her so obviously show her “alphaness”, she is normally a very subtle alpha.

We are amazed that the difference in bone sizes makes that much of a difference in their attitudes. The “big” bone was obviously the “bone of choice”.

September 22, 2007 - Posted by | General

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