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Shadow & TJ

Shadow is home. We picked him up late this afternoon. His surgery went¬†very well, the vet got the entire growth. It has been sent away to have it checked for cancer but we don’t expect that it will be as it is the exact same thing he had 2 years ago and that one wasn’t (how’s that for a run on sentence ūüôā ).¬† He’s still very groggy and his mouth is obviously sore. I’m sure that he will be back to normal by tomorrow.

I got word from TJs owner that he went back for another vet check today and they removed the remaining pins from his leg. Hopefully now he won’t be so uncomfortable… That is really good news as it means that the knee is healing very well.

¬†All in all, a good day and the stress is over…

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Tomorrow is Shadows surgery day. He is going to have a growth removed from his gums. This is the second time that he has had such a growth removed, last time was 2 years ago. I hate it when any of our dogs needs surgery, it’s just as stressful as when our kids or one of us needs surgery. It’s especially difficult with Shadow because he has alot of allergies. The vet always keeps him there for monitoring longer than normal “just in case” of an allergic reaction – better that he be there than anywhere else should he have a reaction.¬† I’ll be on pins and needles most of the day tomorrow.


Our little TJ had the surgery last week to repair him fractured patella. TJ is one of our pre-adopted greyhounds, that lives in Florida with his owners. He is healing very well, but uncomfortable with the pins he has sticking out of his leg. They say that he will heal completely and quickly due to his age – he is only 5 months old.

We have a few pictures from a few days ago (please note – a little graphic).

TJ 14 Sept 07   TJ 17 Sept 07   TJ

Can’t wait to meet TJ in person in March.

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What a quiet Sunday

Today has been a fairly quiet day. We had a lazy morning and this afternoon I worked on some collars for Greyhounds Reach the Beach event that we are going to in early October.

My husband and son took the dogs for a walk after their run this afternoon so the dogs have been veggin’ since they returned. It is a gorgeous day today, the rain is gone (and so is my sinus headache) – lots of sunshine and warm¬† but not hot.¬†

Tomorrow, we will schedule Shadow for his surgery to remove the growth on his gums – hopefully sometime this week.

All-in-all, we had a fairly quiet weekend. How was yours?

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What is worse than…

having a terrible sinus headache, and having your dog “yak” and bark at you all day or having to work on your embroidery machine where the error “beep” that sounds when the thread breaks sounds like it is going to break your head apart (for lack of a better explanation). That is the way I feel today. I had to work on embroidery as I have a big show coming up. What¬†a way to spend a Saturday…

Okay, enough complaining.

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Here we go again

My son feeds the dog their supper every night at 5pm. Today, I called to him to tell him that it was “time to feed the dogs”. Shadow just happened to be standing near me; he immediately turned around and walked downstairs to wait for his supper. He is such a smart boy that he picks up on words and sentences after only a few times. We really have to watch what we say around him.

 What words/phrases have your dog(s) picked up on?

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I was home from work today. The dogs love it when I stay home. Instead of hiding in the bedrooms, sleeping all day, they follow me around the house Рin between sunning themselves outside.  I love being home with them too. They are so entertaining.

Shadow started complaining this morning he couldn’t get a spot on the couch. The spaces were taken up by Mandy and Onyx, one on each end, and me squished in the middle. As usual, when he complains loud enough, it ends up in a Rooooo (all the dogs singing together) with Shadow leading them in song. We love it!

Mandy was being her usual DeMandy today – demanding attention at every opportunity. And Onyx just follows me from room to room, whereever I am, he has to be right by my side. I am so used to that, it doesn’t bother me in the least. I had more than 17 years of that from our angel boy Coco.

All in all, despite having a terrible headache for most of the day, I had a nice day – spent with my dogs as company.

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September Contest

A quick reminder:¬† Greyt Inspirations is running a contest on our website from September 1 to September 22, 2007. It is for a new slogan for our business – something “catchy”.¬† There¬†is a¬†great prize for the person with the winning slogan. Check out¬†for all the rules and to submit a slogan.

¬†Today has been a slow day – not much happening around here. It has been raining most of the day and the dogs seem to be about as lazy and tired as I am today. So, until tomorrow….

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TJ photos

 I am a lucky lady. Yesterday, Rowdy pictures; today TJ pictures. Thanks to our friend Jenn who takes fabulous photos.

TJ   TJ   TJ    TJ   TJ   TJ

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Rowdy Rumba

This morning, I got some new pictures of FTH Rowdy Rumba. They are fabulous and I thought I would share. Thank you for the pictures Jenn.

Hello There  Play Time  Fun Times  Wheeee  Onward

I’m gonna get ya  Here I come…  Turn, turn, turn     Hi Everyone…I had fun, but I’m tired now..

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Good News

The good news is that we took Shadow to the new vet this morning. We like the new vet, she is open and honest, and is willing to listen to us. We will be scheduling Shadows surgery with her. She took his bloodwork to check as per normal procedure before any surgery. After she gets the results back, we’ll be scheduling the surgery.

She has 4 other greyhounds in her practice so she is fairly familiar with them. Much better than the last vet…

¬†On another note, we got word today that¬†T.J. (our pre-adopted greyhound puppy in Florida), broke his knee. They think he was playing too hard with his siblings and must have run into the shed. He will need surgery to fix the knee and they don’t know if he will ever be able to race. That decision will be made after the surgery is done and recouperation. Poor little guy, he’s only around 5 months old.¬† Apparently, the only sign of injury was his limp. No crying, no sign of pain…what a brave little guy; he must have¬†a high threshold for pain.

We’ll know more on Monday.

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