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A little teaser

A few weeks ago, I came across some adorable greyhound graphics. I wrote to the owner and asked if I could use some of them for embroidery. She very generously said “yes” so I recently got them digitized. I tested them out last night and they are even better than I imagined. There are a few little “tweaks” that I am having done to them, then they’ll be ready for Greyt Inspirations clothing and accessories. I can’t wait to see them on some of our products.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to embroider some items this weekend and get them up on the Greyt Inspirations website for sale. I promise that they are trully adorable and will quickly become a favorite (a couple of them are already a favorite of mine…). Stay tuned.

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It was bound to happen

After being around ‘sick’ people for the past 2 weeks, I suppose I was destined to get the cold. I feel slightly achy, very tired and a little sniffly today. That is usually the start of a cold.

This is Not good timing (not that it ever is), I have tons of work to do.

 It’s that time of year…

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A few new things…

We have designed and created a few new items for Greyt Inspirations.

Our newest set of martingale collars is fabulous – they can be purchased as a set or individually.
Want to see these Abstract Martingale Dog Collars separately?

Blue Abstract Martingale Collar

Green Abstract Martingale Collar

Yellow Abstract Martingale Collar

The Diva! We have had this window sticker for quite awhile now but only recently placed it on our website.

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We’re Home

We got home late Sunday. We had a fantastic weekend with friends in Ottawa and attended Greyhound Planet Day on Saturday. The entire weekend was a blast!

I spent most of yesterday recouperating and catching up on Greyt Inspirations orders.

We had left the dogs at home with our sons and were they ever happy to see us when we returned. You would think they would be used to us going away without them (we are taking advantage of that while our oldest son is home for a few months) but they miss us everytime we go away (that’s nice to know) – we miss them too.

We are seriously considering buying a RV so that we can travel without the expense of hotel/motels and meals, and so that we will be able to take the dogs with us without any problems. With all the travelling we do these days, this may be the best route to go. We are looking into it…

Anyways, it’s always nice to come home to such a wonderful greeting.

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Tote Bags

In addition to the adorable new Emboidered Scarves, I have uploaded the tote bags to the Greyt Inspirations web site.  They are so cute…check them out at Embroidered Tote Bags.

All the new products can be viewed on one page at New.

Happy shopping!

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We have a roach…

no, not what you are thinking…. We have a Shadow roach.

 Our big, 80lb greyhound does not roach (belly up) very often. Mostly just Saturday mornings when I sit with him. My husband is jealous because he rarely gets Shadow to roach beside him.

Last night, Shadow and hubby were sitting on the couch and Shadow all of a sudden rolled belly-up beside hubby. He was so happy. It is really special when Shadow roaches because it has taken him 5 years to do so.

Have a greyt night.

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Tote Bags

Well, I had intended to place the embroidered tote bags on my website last night but was unable to because we didn’t have internet access. Something major happened and the “outage” was over our entire region.

I should be able to get the embroidered tote bags onto my website this evening. Stay tuned!

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No Internet Access

I didn’t have any internet access all of last night and I had so much work to do…

It has been a very long time since I haven’t been able to get any internet or email and I had no idea what to do last night. I don’t enjoy watching much tv; there are only a very few shows that are of interest to me so I spent a good part of the evening flipping channels trying to find something of interest. I was too tired to start a book and too tired to do any housework.

It’s amazing how much I rely on the internet now-a-days. I keep a list of things that I need to do with my website and marketing and work on them one at a time. Needless to say, not one item on my list got done last night.

The only good thing about not having internet is that I was forced to Really relax. Each of our dogs took their turn cuddling up on the couch with me.

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Cat Funnies!

Cat Funnies

I came across these today while perusing blogs. They are too funny:

The Devil Cat

Ninja Cat

Ok, I’m clean but I’m not happy!

The things I have to put up with…

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New Stuff

I had the pleasure of emroidering some lovely fleece scarves and some decent sized tote bags over the weekend. The fleece scarves have been placed on the Greyt Inspirations website at: Embroidered Fleece Scarves.

The Tote bags will be uploaded sometime this week.

I’ve also been listing all my discontinued fabrics for sale on ebay. I listed quite a few over the past few days with much more to come. It’s time to clean up and clear out some old supplies.
Greyt Inspirations ebay store.

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