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Mandy pulled an Onyx!

We usually like to relax in the mornings that we don’t have to go into the office.  The dogs love these morning cuddles too. Usually, one of us gets up before the other because one of the dogs needs to go out. That’s okay, we are used to it and take turns.

Most times, Onyx waits about 1/2 hour to 1 hour, then goes into the bedroom to “yak” at whoever remained in bed. It seems that he thinks we should both be up.

This morning, Onyx was cuddled on the couch with me
Mandy and it was Mandy who kept going into the bedroom to pester hubby. After about 1/2 hour, when hubby wouldn’t get out of bed despite her numerous attempts at nudging him and pawing him (he was awake),
she let out one loud bark in his face. Keep in mind, Mandy very rarely barks and usually only when she is left outside longer than she wanted to be. The whole episode was really very comical. We figure she must have been taking lessons from Onyx…:-)

Our greyhounds sure keep us smilin’…


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