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“Deep” Thoughts…

I think that the older you get, the more you think about what your life is and has been like. I have been on such a “journey” lately but that was precipitated by my Dads illness (degenerative disease). It made me think about my life – as it is.


I know what I would like to do with the rest of my life, and I would like to get started with it as soon as possible, but my husband does not want to make this major change yet – he is scared of financial insecurity, he truly enjoys his job (I don’t enjoy mine) and he is not ready to give it up yet. I don’t really blame him but we are now at odds and in disagreement – I’m afraid of waiting too long to do what I really want to fulfill my life’s dream and he thinks we should wait.


My dream is to travel and make Greyt Inspirations (which is the job that I do Love) viable – travelling Canada and the States doing various shows, seeing places, meeting people. I would like to do this for as long as we are able. My husband is in agreement with this plan, but just not at this time. He however, does not have a family history (illnesses) as I do.  


I’m worried about time…

What to do…




November 8, 2007 - Posted by | General

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