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Yesterday, on our way home from work, we stopped at our regular butcher to pick up some dog bones for the dogs. It’s hunting season here and our butcher, who is always very nice to us by giving us a really good price on dog bones, asked us if we wanted a whole bin full of venison bones for FREE!

Our dogs have never had venison before but we thought we would give it a try after all, they were free. We didn’t even get the bin out of the car and the dogs were going nuts! They followed my husband carrying the bin into the house, right on his heels. They were soooo excited.  They LOVED the bones!

They are not as hard as beef bones because Shadow went through them in no time at all and was back in the house asking for more. He went completely through two bones before the others were even done their first… Our thoughts – thank goodness Shadow is a very gentle and friendly 80lb dog, I wouldn’t want to encounter ‘those’ jaws if he wasn’t.

We froze the rest of the bones. We should have enough bones to last us at least a month…The butcher said that there are alot more bones if we are interested.  Guess we’ll be going back today for more.

There is no way that I will ever eat venison, nor will I ever hunt, but there will always be hunters and if the dogs enjoy the bones, better that they have them than they be thrown out to rot…


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