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Dog Reflections

It’s awesome to have three big dogs, each with their own very unique personalities.

Mandy was the very first greyhound we adopted. She’s still a very stunning looker at 10 years old although her face has “whitened” considerably over the last 7 years. Although she’s not the most “intelligent”, she has always been so full-of-life – enjoying everything to the fullest. Our adopters told us that they called her a “mexican jumping bean” as she tends to jump straight up in the air and hops when she gets excited about something – even many years later, it is still very funny to see.

Shadow is our gentle giant. He is an “old soul”, is very laid-back and calm but so many people are scared of him just because he is black and 80lbs. If only they knew how friendly and kind he is. He loves everyone!  He came to us quite ill although we didn’t know it until a few weeks after we adopted him. It took us quite awhile to figure out it was serious food allergies and once we got that under control, he turned into a very affectionate and grateful dog. As long as we carefully monitor what he eats, he remains healthy and happy. That is quite a chore in itself as he lives for food!  It is a wonderful feeling to “heal” a very sick dog.

 Onyx – affectionately nicknamed “Goof”. He is such a character  – he “talks” to us every chance he gets, is quite the instigator and makes regular attempts to become the super alpha of the pack. He is also quite clumsy, klutzy and runs like a goof – so the goofy gait goes along with a goofy personality. We adopted Onyx at 8 years old, we are his second home. He was “removed” from his first home due to neglect. Within 6 months of adopting him, we almost lost him due to kidney failure from a still unknown cause. We are amazed that he has made it to 11 years old after his horrible history but we are very happy that he continues to be healthy and happy with us.

We adore our dogs! There is nothing better than to have dogs that keep you smiling, to show unconditional love and to make you feel good on a daily basis.

Here I sit on a Saturday morning, on the couch between Onyx and Shadow and thinking that there is nothing I’d rather be doing on a Saturday morning and knowing that they love these times too. 

November 17, 2007 - Posted by | General

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  1. I completely understand your love for your babies. My husband and I have two dogs and I learn so much from them every day. We love and adore our puppies.

    Comment by flippingpages1 | November 23, 2007 | Reply

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