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It’s Time…

My husband has been asking me what I want for Christmas. I can never think of anything that I want…we go through this every year. He asks me, I have trouble thinking of anything “physical” that I want.

What I really, really want – cannot become a “reality” yet. My Dream! 

My Wants!

What I want for Christmas is that everyone I know (including their pets) remain healthy and happy.

My Dream!

I would like to retire from my full-time job and work at what I truly enjoy – Greyt Inspirations. But until Greyt Inspirations is more financially sound, this won’t become a reality. I’m working on it though…

I would love to buy an RV and travel until we are unable to do so anymore. Visiting our friends we have all over Canada and the States, staying in the “warm” states during our Canadian winters, going to as many pet show as we can manage.

I would love to hear what your wants, wishes, dreams for Christmas and beyond are…?

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