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Buying Handmade

I know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love unique! The best way to get unique is to buy handmade. The majority of my purchases these days is “handmade” items from small businesses – online or not. As a bonus, in my small way, I love to help small businesses to survive.

One of my most favorite places for online shopping is Etsy. Etsy has a huge variety of products and stores to choose from. I have done a good part of my Christmas shopping this year on Etsy, buying handmade. I also like the fact that I am helping these small business to survive. And a big bonus is that it is a quality item and usually unique.  I try to promote “handmade” as much as possible and is a great place to find handmade products (I am not affiliated with Etsy, it is just an online shopping site that I love to visit and shop).


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