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A lot off topic but…

definetly something important to think about…    I came across this blog post while working on something else and thought it to be very interesting.


What do you think? Is e-learning part of the answer to our climate problems? Is e-learning green-learning (or g-learning)? This is not something that I have spent much time contemplating, but at the ITC Board Meeting a couple of weeks ago this topic came up and I found myself somewhat intrigued by it.

Board member David Hutto from North Carolina has done some research about this. What I heard him say is the following (paraphrased slightly): if 1,000 commuter students per state moved to e-learning (rather than driving to campus for F2F (face-to-face) classes) we would save $5.4 million in energy costs (gasoline) per year. I wonder if he was basing these calculations on the current price of over $3.00 per gallon or some earlier, lower amount. Either way, I think there is probably some potential for the idea of leveraging e-learning for gasoline savings, reducing dependence on foreign oil, and reducing carbon emissions. Of course, I don’t think that anyone else actually cares, but at least David and I do.”

I care. I also think this could be extended and expanded into telecommuting for work. Although many companies allow for telecommuting, many more do not. Businesses are very slow to grasp this concept – the fact that it is much more productive, saves a great deal of money for the business as well as for the employee, less stressful and of course, energy-efficient. This has been an uphill battle for many years; one that I have been on-board for for a long time. Still Waiting!

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