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On to more creativity

Now that I am mostly caught up on orders and things have slowed down considerably, I am looking forward to creating some new collar and leash designs.  I should be able to get started on some ideas very soon.

I have one very special collar that I need to design and create before February.  I can’t reveal that design until it is ready to be launched along with another cause in February. I am so looking forward to creating this collar.

I have some new fabrics and fabric trims that I have been anxiously waiting to put together; they are going to be fabulous!

I will also be starting to learn to create fused glass jewelry over the next few months. I have ordered most of the supplies that I will need to get started; they should be coming in over the next week or so…then, once I have got proficient enough at creating the jewelry, you will start to see my new designs. I’m hoping to concentrate on pet-related themes…

So much to look forward to in this New Year.

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Why is it?

Why is it that the jobs that you think are going to be quick and easy turn out to be difficult and time-consuming?

This morning, I started working on our January newsletter and I finished it just before supper with only a few short breaks in between. For some reason, I kept running into problems that took forever (or what seemed like forever) to fix or overcome.

We did manage to take the dogs for a short walk this afternoon, after it warmed up a little. It was very windy and cold most of the day so when the wind died down a little, it was nice to get out for a short walk.

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Oh My…

I got a glass kiln for Christmas this year as I had expressed an interest in making stained glass jewelry. I have alot of experience with stained glass art (although I haven’t done much with it during the past few years); my husband is even more experienced with stained glass as he has continued with it over the years and is now happily selling his art on a regular basis.

Glass fusing is new to us and we have spent the past couple of days doing research, lots of reading and learning. There is much to learn…but we are looking forward to it. Over time, as we practice and become proficient, our glass fused art and jewelry items will be added to Greyt Inspirations. I can’t wait to get started…

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Merry Christmas Wish

We hope your day is filled with peace and joy,
family and friends
……today and everyday

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Famous Quote

I saw this on a fellow bloggers blog today and thought it was cute:

  “They say the dog is man’s best friend. I don’t believe that. How many of your friends have you neutered?”
~ Larry Reeb

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I finished up the very last bit of shopping that I needed to do – groceries and liquor, yesterday and now I am finished and ready for the holidays. What a relief!

I guess the last 2 months are catching up to me. I got up this morning as usual at approximately 7am, came and sat on the couch and almost fell asleep again cuddled by two dogs. I am so relaxed, it’s amazing and wonderful 🙂

I have a few more orders to finish up today and get shipped out on Monday, but nothing major or stressful. I plan to spend the next week or so just relaxing (or relaxing as much as I’m ever able to do… as I don’t “do” “nothing” very well), I can’t just sit, I need to be doing something.

And a bonus this weekend is that the weather is mild (or mild in comparison to the way it has been these past few weeks).

My plans: walk the dogs, work on some new designs, watch a few movies, and read a book.  

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The Best Happy Holidays

A friend of mine who is a really good photographer took a picture of one of her dogs a few days ago. It is one of her best to date (IMHO) that I had to share (with her permission). The picture says it all… Trouble
Photo by J. Kunkel Photography

Greyt Inspirations and Trouble wish you and your loved ones
Happy Holidays

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Christmas Spirit

Does someone want to give me some Christmas spirit? I can’t seem to find any this year. 😦 

I have all my shopping done with the exception of groceries and liquor, and we got the decorations up this past weekend but I just can’t seem to get into the holiday mood. It is most likely due to the death of my father a few weeks ago…and the fact that I suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder so I am always very tired. Wnter started early this year (we have lots of snow already) which doesn’ t help with SADs.

Where Oh Where is my Christmas Spirit?

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Tuesday morning excitement

I work in an old building and every fall/early winter, the mice decide that they want to come indoors. This morning, we found a mouse running the halls. It took some of the guys a good 20 minutes to trap this fast and clever mouse, seems that he was very adept at evasive maneuvers. 🙂 

Time to set the traps again…

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I made it

Now that the Christmas Rush seems to have slowed down, I have some time to relax. I can’t believe I made it through. I was “happily” very busy for at least 2 months and extremely busy during this past month. I say “happily” because that means that Greyt Inspirations is starting to prosper after 3 years of hard work. This is what I have always strived for so I am very happy. I’m not “there” yet, but I am “getting there”.

 Starting in January, I will be designing and creating some fabulous new martingale dog collars and embroidery designs. I have had some ‘greyt’ ideas in mind and some fabulous new fabric and fabric trims that I have been dying to get to but haven’t had the time. I can’t wait to get to these new and wonderful designs. Stay tuned….

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