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This morning, I read a very interesting blog post about homeschooling which got me thinking about how, if I had known about homeschooling when my oldest son was going to school, how much better he would have done.

Our oldest son was diagnosed with ADD in Grade 3 after years of being labelled as a “very difficult child” by the school system. Yes, he is/was a very difficult child, but not in the way he had been labelled. He has a disability!

If I had known about homeschooling while he was going through school, I would have gone that route with him. I think he would have thrived, been happier and probably would have finished all 12 grades without so much stress and struggle.

When he was tested, he was off the scale in intelligence but due to his disability, he is unable to apply that intelligence well in a classroom/social environment. When he wants to learn something, he does it and learns it well very quickly and on his own.

 I am curious to know what your thoughts and experiences (if any) that you have about homeschooling. Good, bad…etc.


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