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Oh, the joys of living in Ontario, Canada

The weather today is the worst I have seen in years. I am used to snow storms, snow squalls, the cold (as much as you can get used to cccccooold) and winter but today we have severe weather conditions. High winds, blowing snow, flash freeze. At times, we can’t even see the end of our driveway. Almost all the roads in the area are closed. The police are telling motorists to stay home today – not to drive anywhere unless you absolutely have to. All schools are closed. In some towns, all public transportation is off the roads.

Each and every one of our dogs went outside this morning and immediately turned around to come back inside. We had to order them to go pee and they were back inside in a flash (don’t blame them one bit…).

We are both home from work today. The good thing about this, I can get caught up on some Greyt Inspirations work.

Staying home and keeping warm!


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  1. That’s the best part. Staying Home. When it cold where I live, I love to make homemade chicken noodle soup or chili to warm my insides too. Later on I like to take a nice hot bath, put on my jammies and slippers, put a nice warm throw on me, pile the dogs on my lap and watch tv.

    That’s what I call taking advantage of a bad situation.

    Comment by 4urpets | January 30, 2008 | Reply

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