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A little negativity

I am so very frustrated. I have been searching for a new ecommerce website building company for our stained glass business (I want to separate it from Greyt Inspirations). 2 weeks ago, I thought I found the perfect solution, paid for the software and built the website but when I went to publish it, I had many problems and NO HELP from the company. Three tickets requesting help and absolutely no response from them, I said “forget it” and wrote them a long message stating how dissatified I am with their “support” and requested  my money back.

Yesterday, I started all over again, searching for a suitable business. Again, I thought I found a good solution and contacted them. This morning, I got a call back from them and found out that they omitted alot of information from their website and that it would cost more than triple what they were quoting on their website to get a new website up and runnning as they would have to do all the work themselves and charge for the 26 to 28 hours of work at $125/hour (approx). He tried to tell me that for what I want, this is the norm…I promptly told him that I already have a website with another business that has “just about everything” that I want (with the exception of a very few things which is the reason I am looking elsewhere) for a fraction of what they are charging…

Back to researching again…this is getting very frustrating considering the amount of ecommerce website build companies that there are to choose from. Where are the good, honest ones?


February 12, 2008 - Posted by | General

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