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Major Dennis and Nubs Reunited

 I have been following the wonderful story of Nubs, the Iraqi dog that was saved by Maj Dennis and then sent to California to live. Nubs arrived “home” in Feb and now Maj Dennis has also come home. A very happy ending for both. Hooray!

Maj Dennis & Nubs Major Brian Dennis has returned from Iraq and was reunited with Nubs the dog. * Homecoming *

 Nubs is the Iraqi dog that walked 70 miles to find the Marine who had befriended him. Dennis is looking forward to taking Nubs to the San Diego beaches and teaching him that playing in the surf is fun. Coming from a desert, Nubs wasn’t too sure about the ocean on his first trip to the beach with his foster parents. Nubs has been doing well while waiting for Maj. Dennis to return. He’s put on some weight, his coat has gotten smooth and shiny, and he’s been learning what it means to be cared for. We’re very glad Nubs and Brian Dennis have made it home safely.”

My sentiments exactly. 


March 24, 2008 - Posted by | General

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