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German Shepherd Mix
German Shepherd Mix
We have a 9 week old girl.
The German Shepherd Dog is often thought to seem self-confident and not overly outgoing.
In behavior, German Shepherds tend to be both hard-working and adaptable.
Shar Pei Mixes
Beautiful two 8 week old girls.
Some look more Shar Pei than others.
Shar Peis are intensely loyal and protective
of their home and family, with a natural aloofness towards strangers.
A firm hand and early and consistent obedience training for your Shar Pei puppy is an absolute must! In the proper circumstances, the Chinese Shar-Pei makes an excellent loving pet and watch dog. Weekly brushing of the Shar Pei’s short, harsh coat is the only grooming required.
Shar Pei Mix
Red Heeler Mix
Red Heeler Mixes
This 8 week old boy
is white with red spots.
Dogs of the Australian Cattle Dog breed are not just hard workers. They’re also often the guardian angels of their families, loyal and protective. Always looking out for the chance to stare danger in the face, these dogs are generally good companions for people who live active lifestyles.

Need more information? Please visit Colorado Puppy Rescue


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  1. Oh such sweet faces!!! 🙂 Puppies are just treasures from heaven.

    Comment by castocreations | April 3, 2008 | Reply

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