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Meet Osita!

Osita is a a 6 year old Black Russian Terrier mix that was finally bailed from the West LA Shelter. She is a very healthy girl who loves to go on walks and rides in the car.

She is house broken after all this time in the shelter and has had some basic training- her favorite thing to do is “Sit” on command and stare up at you with her sweet puppy eyes. She loves to play with other doggies and has a very calm and serene disposition. Osita sounds like such a good pup, you’ll never need tracking for her!

Read More about Osita…

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Oh the joys of Ontario weather

Approximately 3 weeks ago, we had a major snowstorm. The last 2 weeks we were in t-shirts and sandals. This morning I woke up to rain mixed with snow.

I want the warmth and sunshine back! Our dogs do too…they love to lay out on the deck in the sunshine for hours on end. We leave the patio door open so that they can come and go as they please (at least until the flies and mosquitos start) and they love every minute of it. I don’t blame them one bit after the winter we had. I would love to be able to laze around in the sunshine all day long too.


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Keeping Busy

I’ve been very busy the past few days which is probably a good thing considering the bad news I had 2 days ago. Keeping busy keeps me from falling into a “funk” after having lost a good friend and my sister being very sick with cancer.

I have been busy with business inventory, trying to get my income tax finished for 2007, my out of the home job, filling orders, laundry, cleaning up the yard from the winter months, trying to keep the house somewhat clean – this is a very difficult one with 5 dogs and all the dirt in the backyard as the grass is just now starting to grow back and much more…

At the same time, I have been seriously thinking about the future and trying to make some very important decisions. Needless to say, my mind is racing and I need some down-time without any thoughts.

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What would you do?

Yesterday, a friend of our passed away suddenly. Her husband travels for his job so they have to find new homes for all their animals. It’s terribly sad that this has happened to such a wonderful person and we’ll miss her dearly. Her husband is understandably devestated and on top of all that has happened, he has to rehome all their dearly beloved pets.  Luckily, she has a large circle of friends so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find good homes…

It has got us to thinking, do you have plans for your pets should something happen to you? We don’t, but we will! This is something that I need to do right away. I can’t stand the thought that our dogs may not have somewhere "suitable" and a loving environment to go to. My preference is that they would be able to go to our friends. We’ll be working on those plans right away…

Yesterday was a horribly sad day! It’ll take awhile to get over this shock – she was a good friend. I feel so sad.

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Canine Cancer Can Be Beaten

There are four words that no dog owner ever wants to hear – “Your dog has cancer.” Until recently, cancer treatment options were limited, but ongoing research has resulted in the development of new treatment options and medication regimens.

The Greyhound Supporters of the National Capital Region (GSNCR) is proud to invite you to participate in a unique learning event with Dr. Guillermo Couto, DVM Diplomate ACVIM, and professor at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences of the Ohio State University (OSU).

This event offers all dog owners, the opportunity to hear Dr. Couto speak about canine cancer in dogs, current cancer-related research projects, ongoing canine cancer treatments at the University of Ohio and much more. Included in Dr. Couto’s talk will be information about OSU’s Greyhound Health and Wellness Program – its purpose and benefits, and how everyone with retired racing greyhounds can get involved.

Not only is Dr. Couto one of the world’s leading veterinary experts in hematology and oncology, he is a greyhound enthusiast. Dr. Couto became involved in Greyhound Rescue over 15 years ago when he adopted his first greyhound. Since then, Dr. Couto has been working with, and volunteering his time and services to greyhound (galgos) rescue groups in Spain. Dr. Couto visits Spain at least once a year, where he assists local Galgos rescue groups and provides veterinary services to the many galgos in need.

The Greyhound Supporters would like to extend the invitation to all dog owners and dog lovers to attend this learning opportunity of a lifetime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and please feel free to share this information with anyone whom you think might be interested in attending. This event is open to everyone who would like to attend.

Tickets are $45.00 per person and are available by contacting Tina Kelly via email at or Laura Simmermon via email at Meal selections are beef, salmon or vegetarian – please specify your preference.

Tickets must be purchased by Thursday, May 1, 2008 and payment may be made via cheque, money order or Paypal at

When: Saturday, May 3, 2008
11:30am – Social Networking
12:30pm – Lunch
Lunch tickets: $45.00 each
Where: Pinetree Hall
Ramada Guelph
716 Gordon Street
Guelph, Ontario N1G 1Y6

There will be a raffle as part of the afternoon’s activities and tickets will be available at the event. Pictures of the raffle items will be posted shortly. It is not necessary to attend the event to win – but shipping costs will not be covered by the Greyhound Supporters. Please contact us at for more information or to purchase your raffle tickets.

The Greyhound Supporters of the NCR (GSNCR) is a not-for-profit group dedicated to the health and welfare of racing greyhounds. The GSNCR is based in Ottawa (Canada), and is not linked to any particular adoption group or greyhound-related entity. The objective of the GSNCR is to raise funds for and/or participate in greyhound-related causes established to improve the health and physical well being of the retired racing greyhound globally. The GSNCR works to raise public awareness of retired racing greyhounds, and the status of racing greyhounds all around the world.

We are really looking forward to this event. Although we have been at other events where Dr Couto has been speaking, we were not able to attend due to other commitments. We will finally get to meet him and hear him speak about this terrible disease and his research which will ultimately benefit all dogs and people. I would encourage you to come if you are able. It would be well worth it.

See you there…

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Onyx update

Onyx has been on Metacam and rest (at least as much as you can keep a dog from activity, even an old dog…) for  4 days now. He is still limping but is obviously feeling better. He is holding his head up again which is a sign that he is feeling better and we are having difficulty keeping him from doing a little running in the backyard when he goes outside. Needless to say, he is limping again by the end of the day. We are hoping that he is well on the way to mending before next Monday. If not, we have to take him back to the vet to see what more can be done.

Chasing the chipmunk in the backyard is obviously just too tempting!

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A Day in the Life Of…

Can’t say that my life is boring, but sometimes I really wish for Boring. Between our kids, work, our businesses (Greyt Inspirations, The GlassHound) our 5 dogs, our bird and life in general…we rarely have any spare time.  Needless to say, we are kept on our toes.

These two weeks are busy, some of it is expected, others not. For instance, yesterday we spent a good deal of the day at the veterinarian with Onyx. He is our 11 year old greyhound. He started limping on Friday and it got progressively worse over the weekend. After bloodwork examination and xrays, it was determined that he either sprained or strained his leg. He is on Metacam and total rest for the next week or so. Tomorrow we all have a dental appointment. Next week is our youngest sons 16th birthday AND our oldest sons graduation from Basic Training.

At the same time, I am working on improving my web design skills and am entering contests. I haven’t won any yet but I am learning lots and having fun. I tend to learn better by "doing" something constructive rather than reading or doing something without a real purpose. The goal is to improve enough so that I can start winning or at least get "in the running" to win a contest.

Busy, Busy, Busy


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We have made a decision

After months of going back and forth with what to do after I retire from my full-time job this year, we have finally made a final decision.

We have plans to open up a Stained Glass Art store and we were trying to decide if it would be best to move or to renovate our current house. We looked at all our options and have decided that we will renovate our garage and make it our store and part of our work area. We will start small and when we grow, we will revisit the need to move.

Neither of us really wanted to move from our current location – we love the house, we love the neighborhood but we are not able to have a store larger than 25% of our house without applying for a commercial license which is very expensive and there is no guarantee that it would be approved – and no refund if it is not approved.

So, we will be staying here 🙂 . Not moving means less stress. And we can “grow” our customer and when we do need to move, most will follow as we will likely remain in the same general area.

A weight has been lifted with this decision!

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The Fog is Lifting

The winter “blahs” fog is starting to lift as the days get longer and warmer, we get sunshine and the snow dissapears (I suffer from SADs). I actually feel “lighter” – for lack of a better explanation. It feels good! I can think clearly again, don’t feel as tired and dragged out and I actually have some energy. Now if only my family issues will cooperate everything will be perfect (my sister is seriously ill).

I am looking forward, we are making plans for the near future and if we are able to “make them happen”, things will be on a permanent upswing. Wish us luck!

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More Stained Glass Art

We recently added a few more stained glass art pieces to The GlassHound. The Airplane and The Rondel were both custom orders for people that my husband works with but they have proven to be very popular so we have decided to put them for sale on the website too.

My husband has worked on aircraft his entire working career as an aircraft mechanic, an instructor and a subject matter expert. Most recently as an electronics instructor despite his background being aircraft mechanic (to put it simply 🙂 ).

Both stained glass suncatchers are fabulous!

The Airplane The Rondel
Click the links above to see a larger version of the pictures.

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