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Here Moosie

We were away for a few days on a personal matter. We drove home late yesterday, arriving home at 1:30 a.m.

As we drove through Algonquin Park (a provincial park in Ontario,Canada) shortly after dusk, we had a close-call with a Moose. We are very aware that this area can be very dangerous for wild animal sighting (which is one of the reasons that we love that area) so we drive very cautiously. In the past, we have come across deer, moose and an assortment of other wild animals while driving through the park. This was the second time that we have seen a moose Very Close Up and Personal.

Last night, we came around a corner and all I had a chance to “get out” was “Aaaahhhhh” with a deep intake of breath. Luckily, my husband knows me well enough to know that that he needs to slam on the brakes when I do that and he did. We screeched with burning rubber and stopped within a few feet of the Mooses A*S end. We startled the moose too – he actually jumped a little, but thankfully not enough to turn completely around and face our car. He just continued to trot down the road for another 30 seconds or so; we followed behind him watching this magnificent creature until he turned back into the woods. Once we got over the initial shock of the close-call, it was a “sight to see”.

That is the second time that we have had the opportunity to “run with a moose” and both times we were very impressed. They are HUGE and TALL but very graceful. Very impressive.

Needless to say, thankfully we hadn’t changed our winter tires to our summer tires yet as our winter tires are now “finished”. We actually burnt some of the rubber of the tires and they don’t drive very smoothly anymore.

Where the moose lives Moose live in all parts of Canada and in Alaska in forests and marshy areas. During warmer months the moose is found near lakes and marshes. When winter comes the moose moves to forested areas.

Appearance The moose is an funny-looking animal with very long legs, big hooves, a humpback and a very short tail. It has large ears, a wide droopy nose and an overhanging top lip. A long flap of fur-covered skin (called a bell) dangles under the chin.

female (cow)
G and B Corsi,  California Academy of Sciences
Gerald and Buff Corsi © 2001 California Academy of Sciences

The adult has a dark brown coat. The young are reddish brown. The males are taller and heavier than the females. The moose can grow to be over 3 metres (8 to 10 ft.) in length and a shoulder height of over 2 metres (5 to 7 ft.). Males can weigh 600 kg. (over 1200 pounds). Because moose are such large animals they have to eat alot of food every day.

bull moose
2001 Don Getty
© 2001 Don Getty
Males have large wide antlers. A rack of antlers can range from 120 to 150 cm. across (4 to 5 ft.). The Alaskan moose have the largest antlers – more than 2 metres (6 ft.) wide.

Each of its feet has two large hoofed toes and two smaller toes.


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