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“Green” lawn

Our lawn this spring is terribly weed infested, worse than normal. I don’t like using chemicals as it is not only bad for the environment but not good for our dogs either. I found some good alternatives to using chemicals.

The National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns has some easy tips you can use to create a healthy lawn.

  • bad mowing practices can cause many lawn problems so make sure your mower blades are sharp and keep your grass height at 3 to 3 1/2 inches.
  • some weeds are the result of using poor quality grass seed. Make sure you use the proper grass seed for your region.
  • remember many “weeds” have beneficial qualities. For example, clover takes nitrogen from the atmosphere and distributes it to the grass, which helps it grow. Clover roots are also extensive and very drought-resistant, providing resources to soil organisms. It also stays green long after your lawn goes naturally dormant.
  • if you have weeds growing where you don’t want them, pour vinegar, lemon juice or boiling water on them. Make sure the liquid only goes where you don’t want vegetation of any kind because it does not discriminate; it kills everything.

Check out for more great tips for a Pesticide Free Lawn.


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