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Unconditional Love

I don’t usually post about personal matters, but I feel the need to write this down in an attempt to overcome the bad feelings I have right now.

I’ve been going through a pretty rough spot with family. I have heard many times that dividing up assets can tear families apart and although I have seen it happen before, I niavely thought it wouldn’t happen with my family. Well, it is!

Long story short, my Dad passed away in December and, we (his siblings) are not having an easy time agreeing on some major matters. There are 7 of us and we are divided on some issues making for a very stressful situation. I have said my piece and am “paying the price” for doing so. One, or more of my siblings is getting “back at me” in another way which has hurt deeply and pissed me off. Another sibling (or possibly the same one?) is being very unreasonable.

This whole situation has reminded me why I like my dogs much more than I like my family – no judgements, no demands, no arguments — just unconditional love!


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