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What a day

Today was a very busy day and nothing much got done…

Here’s how my day went:

– woke up, got into shower, noticed red rash all over my body. Assume red rash is a side effect from the antibiotics that I have been taking for the past week for a sinus infection. Make mental note to stop taking antibiotics.

– Finished washing, got out of shower, dried off, took closer look at red rash which is now starting to itch.

– Looked in medicine cabinet for some Benadryl. Bottle of Benadryl has an expiry date of 2005! Look through rest of cabinet and toss all medicines and such that are past expiry date.

– take an allergy pill in hopes that it will make itch go away.

– drive hubby to work as I need car to take myself and son to dentist. On way home, itch starts to go away.

– arrive home, make something to eat, sit down to check on emails and business information.

– go pick up son from school for dentist appointment. Spend 3 hours going to/from dentist office and appointments.

– drop son back at school.

– go home, get late lunch, check email and respond to business needs.

– go pick up hubby from work.

– run a few errands on way home.

– get home, make supper, do dishes, check email and tend to a few business needs.

– itch starting to return, guess allergy pill is wearing off. Ooops, forgot to pick up some Benadryl while I was out today 😦

– sit down to watch a little Tv before bed. I’m very tired despite not getting much done today.

I hope your day was much better than mine.


May 27, 2008 - Posted by | General

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