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What a Deal!

We pass a store that sells Menonite furniture everyday on the way home from work and we have always said that we should stop and take a look. Today, we took some time and stopped. We specifically wanted to see how much the Adirondack chairs cost.

We start talking to the owner of the store and find out that she has last years models on sale – the price was the best we had seen yet plus she had “no tax” today too.

We just happened to mention that we are also looking for a table and like the cedar bar tables that she had outside. She promptly tells us that they are also last years models and are for sale for $600.00 off! —SOLD!

Another surprise bonus was that she and her husband were visiting someone down the street from us tonight so she offered free delivery. Her husband was here with the 2 chairs and table within an hour of us getting home.

She didn’t have any of the matching barstools left so we’ll go back and pick some of them up in a few weeks.

Talk about Service!

Then we stopped at the butcher to buy some pork chops for supper. They had a large bag of pork chops, a large bag of chicken breasts and a large bag of ground beef for good prices – guess what we bought?  He gave us a bunch of dog bones for $5.00. We are regular customers, there every week for something or other, and he regularly gives us a really good deal.

We are very happy with the excellent deals today…every once in a while we get lucky like this..;


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