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I decided to have a nice relaxing day yesterday and I did it! I spent the morning in my pj’s, doing not much of anything specific on the computer. I don’t think I got dressed until well after 1 pm and only because we decided to take the dogs for a walk.

We took Mandy, Shadow, Onyx and Rowdy to the beach (a 10 minute walk from home). The walk to the beach was very nice but because it was hot and humid, by the time we got there, Onyx couldn’t go any further (he is 12 years old). We cooled him off in the lake but he was just too tired. Luckily, one of our neighbors happened to be there too and after we chatted for awhile, she offered to drive hubby home so he could get our car and come back to pick up Onyx (he would never had made the walk home).

I drove Onyx home and soon after getting him settled at home, hubby calls to ask that I come pick up Mandy – she couldn’t go any further (she is 11). She had made it about half-way home and couldn’t go any further. Back I went with the car and brought Mandy home. Shadow and Onyx walked the rest of the way home with hubby.

We have decided that from now on, we will take Mandy and Onyx on shorter walks together, then Shadow and Onyx (the younger’uns) on longer walks.

The rest of my Saturday was spent watching a few light-hearted movies and a little more on the computer. All-in-all, I had a much needed relaxing, very enjoyable day. I have promised myself more of these types of days; the never ending list of “things to do” can wait a day…

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No Pain

I think today is the first day in many weeks that I haven’t needed to take a pain killer. I have been having alot of problems with one of my teeth since February. My dentist put a temporary cap on the tooth the end of February as it was giving me problems but there was no cavity or anything obviously wrong with it. He said to leave it on a minimum of 6 weeks to see if the tooth got any better.

2 months later, the tooth was better but still bothering me so it was decided to do a root canal. I had all my regular dental work done first (teeth cleaning, etc.) and the root canal was scheduled for last. Just before that appointment, I got an infection in the tooth and he wasn’t able to do the work.

Approximately 3 weeks ago, the root canal was started but it turned out to be a longer job than anticipated so he was not able to finish in one sitting. He put the temporary cap back on and scheduled to finish the work a week later.

Once again, before the appointment, the tooth got infected again. After another round of antibiotics, the root canal was finally finished on Monday. It took until today for the pain to start to subside. It seems like I have been in pain for months…wait a minute, I pretty much have…but the last month was the worst.

I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is finally starting to feel normal again. Oh what a (good)  feeling!

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Ordering software online

I really like Dreamweaver (I use it at work) and decided to buy it for home too. I attempted the purchase on Tuesday but had problems, talked to Customer Service who was no help whatsoever. I abandoned the order.

I tried again yesterday and got a little further. I was waiting for the email confirming my order but went to bed before it came in. I checked this morning and found an email from them stating that they were unable to process my order,, but the email didn’t say why…??? I need to call to place the order.

I have never had so many problems buying anything online before. With such a huge company, I don’t understand why there are so many problems. I think they need to review there online ordering process to make it more user friendly and compatible. I’m not impressed…

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My root canal was finished this morning. It was started 2-weeks ago but proved to be more time consuming that initially thought and the dentist was not able to finish it in one sitting. In the meantime, I got an infection and he wasn’t able to finish the work until the infection was gone. I finally went back this morning and had it finished. All that is left now is to get the permanent cap placed on it in a few weeks.

Hopefully, with that work complete, that is the end of the terrible headaches that I have been having.

The freezing is starting to come out now so we’ll see how it all feels in a half hour or so.

The dogs are happy, I am home today so they get to lay outside until the rain comes in.

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Cleaning Day

I recently lost my cleaners and unfortunately hadn’t had the time to clean the house much in the past 2 weeks. Today, I made a point of making time to clean as I couldn’t stand the mess anymore. It took me 4 hours, including tidying up and laundry, and I’m not done. I still have to vacuum, and a few minor things but they can wait until tomorrow – I’m Tired!

While giving the living room a good cleaning, I moved the furniture around (I had to move everything to clean so figured I may as well rearrange at the same time).

I also finally got hubby to install the ceiling fan in the living room – it’s only been sitting around for a year waiting to be installed! It looks wonderful and will be a blessing on those hot, humid days.

I took out all the “Shadow” rugs and cleaned them too. He was walking all over the floors for a few hours  before he realized the carpets weren’t there (too funny!).

Now to relax for the remainder of the day as tomorrow will be another busy day…

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A little cloud, alot of sun equals

a beautiful day but I sure got alot burnt.  We were at a greyhound event on Saturday and we brought our tent with us because we weren’t sure if it was going to rain or not. When we went to put the tent up, we were missing the top part so – no tent.  Because I thought we’d be under a tent, I didn’t bring any sunscreen – Mistake! My shoulders, arms, neck and nose are all beet red and sore.

Other than getting burnt to a crisp, it was a lovely day. We had alot of fun, met alot of nice, new people, met up with alot of our friends that we don’t see all that often and went to our friends place for supper afterward. It was a nice, relaxing but long day.

Next time, we’ll double check to make sure we have everything we need….

On another note, I have recently added new items to my website. Some clothing, some collars with more to come.

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I’ve got my list

I’ve got my list of things to do today and is it ever long however most of it won’t take too long to do.

I have to get everything together for the show tomorrow (even if I’m not up to going my dear hubby says he’ll still go, alone).

I managed to get one big job completed yesterday. Our Summer Vacation is planned. We decided to go to Maine and I researched and booked a campsite near Freeport for 5 days. Then onto The Adirondacks for an additional 5 days. All in our new RV! We’ve never been to either place and are looking forward to a nice, relaxing 2 weeks in July. Can’t wait! Lots of swimming, hiking, a little sightseeing, playing games (pool, horseshoe…), and mostly just relaxing. Can’t Wait!

Our oldest son has agreed to spend those two weeks here with one of our dogs that can’t go on trips with us and our bird. He has zero interest in camping (even RVing).

What are your vacation plans for this summer?

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Missing (again)

What a week and it’s not even over yet!

Monday, I went to the dentist for a root canal which proved to be more time-consuming that the dentist thought and he wasn’t able to finish.  I have to go back in 2-weeks to have the work completed.

Tuesday morning, while brushing my teeth, the cap fell off the tooth that has been worked on on Monday. I wasn’t able to get back to the dentist on Tuesday so scheduled an appointment to have it fixed for Wednesday after work. Tuesday morning was spent in meetings; the afternoon was spent playing catch-up from the morning. After work, we had to run to the RV place to give them a few items for our RV rental as it is scheduled to go out this weekend.

Wednesday, spent most of the day working on a project that had been set-aside due to other work that had bigger priority. After work, went to dentist. Turns out the tooth (and surrounding area) has got infected and I am now on antibiotics and in alot of pain.

Thursday, left side of face is swollen due to infection and still in alot of pain so stayed home from work. I’m carrying my “medicine cabinet” with me (pain killers, antibiotics…).

Looking ahead. Took Friday off as I have to get ready for a Greyhound event that we are vending at on Saturday. I sure hope I am feeling better by then…

Saturday, we’ll be picking up a greyhound “return” on our way to the event on Saturday morning. An 11 year old greyhound is being returned (I don’t know the reason for the return). We’ll be bringing him back to the kennel (poor guy) to be rehomed (maybe we’ll see if we can foster him as I feel that an “older” dog should not be subjected to kennel life again).  Then we’ll spend the day vending at the event. After the event closes, we’ll be going to a friends house for pizza, some relaxation and fun. Then home after a very long day.

Sunday, Fathers Day! I think will be spent relaxing and doing “not much”.

How’s your week?

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I spent an enjoyable morning planting flowers outside in our front flower garden, and in pots and window boxes in the backyard. No use having an in-ground flower garden in the backyard with 5 dogs – it wouldn’t survive!

It finally warmed up enough (no more frost at night) that I was able to do the gardening. I don’t do much, just some very “hardy” flowers that don’t need much work as I don’t have alot of free time for gardening. We didn’t do any gardening last year and I really missed it so made the time to do some this year. Can’t wait until they “catch” and start growing; it’ll be gorgeous if I may say so.

Now we have some color around the house, not all weeds…

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Old Boys Club?

I work as a Web Content Coordinator for DND in a section that is primarily “men”. There are only 3 women in my department and one is very new.

Awhile back, when the “big wigs” started discussing a huge shuffle within the entire department, I was asked if I wanted to work on the new website that will be needed – helping with the new design. I immediately said I was interested as that is the type of thing that I like to do and I’m good at it!

Things have slowly been settling and they have now started on what will be required for the new website. In a meeting today, the question was asked who was interested in working on the website. Without hesitation, I indicated I was still interested. My boss also made a gesture to indicate my interest. Our new head boss totally ignored me and started talking to the guy sitting next to him about what will be required for the new website.

When he was done, another co-worker attempted to make it known that I was interested again, but it went unnoticed.

Needless to say, I left the meeting very angry and frustrated. It’s like I (we girls) don’t exist when all the “guys” get together. It is very frustrating!

I plan to have a “chat” with my boss tomorrow.

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