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Missing again

As much as I love to write in my blog, sometimes it is just impossible to keep up with it on a regular basis. I have these occasional lapses, like the past few days.

This past weekend was so busy despite my best efforts to make it a relaxing weekend, life just gets in the way. Between personal matters, business, the kids and the dogs, there isn’t much of a break. My husband spent the weekend at my Dads place, along with a few other members of the family, cleaning out the house in preparation for putting it up for sale. I decided not to go as it would have been much too difficult – saying "Goodbye", knowing it would be the last time there and the last "piece" of my parents. It was hard enough without being there…another part of my life closing.

I spent the weekend working on Greyt Inspirations business, creating web templates that will be for sale soon, and regular work around the house. It wasn’t a particularly nice weekend outside so I didn’t get any of that work done.

These past few weeks have not been easy but I’ll get through it, I always do…


June 3, 2008 - Posted by | General

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