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Old Boys Club?

I work as a Web Content Coordinator for DND in a section that is primarily “men”. There are only 3 women in my department and one is very new.

Awhile back, when the “big wigs” started discussing a huge shuffle within the entire department, I was asked if I wanted to work on the new website that will be needed – helping with the new design. I immediately said I was interested as that is the type of thing that I like to do and I’m good at it!

Things have slowly been settling and they have now started on what will be required for the new website. In a meeting today, the question was asked who was interested in working on the website. Without hesitation, I indicated I was still interested. My boss also made a gesture to indicate my interest. Our new head boss totally ignored me and started talking to the guy sitting next to him about what will be required for the new website.

When he was done, another co-worker attempted to make it known that I was interested again, but it went unnoticed.

Needless to say, I left the meeting very angry and frustrated. It’s like I (we girls) don’t exist when all the “guys” get together. It is very frustrating!

I plan to have a “chat” with my boss tomorrow.


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