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Missing (again)

What a week and it’s not even over yet!

Monday, I went to the dentist for a root canal which proved to be more time-consuming that the dentist thought and he wasn’t able to finish.  I have to go back in 2-weeks to have the work completed.

Tuesday morning, while brushing my teeth, the cap fell off the tooth that has been worked on on Monday. I wasn’t able to get back to the dentist on Tuesday so scheduled an appointment to have it fixed for Wednesday after work. Tuesday morning was spent in meetings; the afternoon was spent playing catch-up from the morning. After work, we had to run to the RV place to give them a few items for our RV rental as it is scheduled to go out this weekend.

Wednesday, spent most of the day working on a project that had been set-aside due to other work that had bigger priority. After work, went to dentist. Turns out the tooth (and surrounding area) has got infected and I am now on antibiotics and in alot of pain.

Thursday, left side of face is swollen due to infection and still in alot of pain so stayed home from work. I’m carrying my “medicine cabinet” with me (pain killers, antibiotics…).

Looking ahead. Took Friday off as I have to get ready for a Greyhound event that we are vending at on Saturday. I sure hope I am feeling better by then…

Saturday, we’ll be picking up a greyhound “return” on our way to the event on Saturday morning. An 11 year old greyhound is being returned (I don’t know the reason for the return). We’ll be bringing him back to the kennel (poor guy) to be rehomed (maybe we’ll see if we can foster him as I feel that an “older” dog should not be subjected to kennel life again).  Then we’ll spend the day vending at the event. After the event closes, we’ll be going to a friends house for pizza, some relaxation and fun. Then home after a very long day.

Sunday, Fathers Day! I think will be spent relaxing and doing “not much”.

How’s your week?


June 12, 2008 - Posted by | General

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