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Cleaning Day

I recently lost my cleaners and unfortunately hadn’t had the time to clean the house much in the past 2 weeks. Today, I made a point of making time to clean as I couldn’t stand the mess anymore. It took me 4 hours, including tidying up and laundry, and I’m not done. I still have to vacuum, and a few minor things but they can wait until tomorrow – I’m Tired!

While giving the living room a good cleaning, I moved the furniture around (I had to move everything to clean so figured I may as well rearrange at the same time).

I also finally got hubby to install the ceiling fan in the living room – it’s only been sitting around for a year waiting to be installed! It looks wonderful and will be a blessing on those hot, humid days.

I took out all the “Shadow” rugs and cleaned them too. He was walking all over the floors for a few hours  before he realized the carpets weren’t there (too funny!).

Now to relax for the remainder of the day as tomorrow will be another busy day…


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