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No Pain

I think today is the first day in many weeks that I haven’t needed to take a pain killer. I have been having alot of problems with one of my teeth since February. My dentist put a temporary cap on the tooth the end of February as it was giving me problems but there was no cavity or anything obviously wrong with it. He said to leave it on a minimum of 6 weeks to see if the tooth got any better.

2 months later, the tooth was better but still bothering me so it was decided to do a root canal. I had all my regular dental work done first (teeth cleaning, etc.) and the root canal was scheduled for last. Just before that appointment, I got an infection in the tooth and he wasn’t able to do the work.

Approximately 3 weeks ago, the root canal was started but it turned out to be a longer job than anticipated so he was not able to finish in one sitting. He put the temporary cap back on and scheduled to finish the work a week later.

Once again, before the appointment, the tooth got infected again. After another round of antibiotics, the root canal was finally finished on Monday. It took until today for the pain to start to subside. It seems like I have been in pain for months…wait a minute, I pretty much have…but the last month was the worst.

I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is finally starting to feel normal again. Oh what a (good)  feeling!


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