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I decided to have a nice relaxing day yesterday and I did it! I spent the morning in my pj’s, doing not much of anything specific on the computer. I don’t think I got dressed until well after 1 pm and only because we decided to take the dogs for a walk.

We took Mandy, Shadow, Onyx and Rowdy to the beach (a 10 minute walk from home). The walk to the beach was very nice but because it was hot and humid, by the time we got there, Onyx couldn’t go any further (he is 12 years old). We cooled him off in the lake but he was just too tired. Luckily, one of our neighbors happened to be there too and after we chatted for awhile, she offered to drive hubby home so he could get our car and come back to pick up Onyx (he would never had made the walk home).

I drove Onyx home and soon after getting him settled at home, hubby calls to ask that I come pick up Mandy – she couldn’t go any further (she is 11). She had made it about half-way home and couldn’t go any further. Back I went with the car and brought Mandy home. Shadow and Onyx walked the rest of the way home with hubby.

We have decided that from now on, we will take Mandy and Onyx on shorter walks together, then Shadow and Onyx (the younger’uns) on longer walks.

The rest of my Saturday was spent watching a few light-hearted movies and a little more on the computer. All-in-all, I had a much needed relaxing, very enjoyable day. I have promised myself more of these types of days; the never ending list of “things to do” can wait a day…


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