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Rowdy Roo Roo

What a joy he is! Rowdy is our newest greyhound that we brought home in March. He is only 2 1/2 years old and stole our hearts from day one. He is so much fun!

Sleepy Head

He loves stuffies, balls and anything that can be carried around including socks, clothing, kleenex…
(we’ve had to puppy-proof our house)

A few days ago, we decided to see what he would do with a very large stuffed monkey that we have had around the house for a few years (it was slated for our garage sale). Well, turns out size doesn’t matter; he loves it and has been dragging it around, playing with it and having a grand-ole time with it since he got it. Too funny!

He is the only greyhound that we know that plays fetch.
He is velvety-soft.
And a total love-bug suck – which we love.
He constantly has us smiling or laughing and has brought even more fun-times into our house. He has this way of twisting his head around and giving you the “adorable face” that you can’t be resisted (and he knows it).
Mandy, Shadow and Onyx all love him too. He fit right in, without any incidents and continues to make all our life more joyful (including our other greyhounds who have become slightly more playful; it’s amazing what some competition does.

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