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I have too many interests and things that I want to do. I need to “pare down” my list or retire from my full-time job. Something has to give.

I have been increasingly ill, I just seem to get over one illness or problem, and something else pops up. Because of this, I am getting closer and closer to a decision to “retire” and spend my time with less stress and doing what I truly love/want to do. I just need to convince my husband to do the same…

My current wish is to retire from my full-time job, rent out our house (we LOVE our house and location so don’t want to sell it but can’t afford to travel and have the house) during the months of January to March while we travel with our RV in sunshine states.  We live near a popular ski-hill so it shouldn’t be a problem to rent it out during the winter months.

April to June, live in our house. Spring-time is gorgeous here.

July & August, travel throughout Canada. We have friends and family all over the country so it would be a pleasure. Besides, there are a few provinces that I have yet to see. We would rent out our house during this time period. As well as living near a ski-hill, we also live in “cottage country”, in an area that is very popular to people who want to get out of the city for awhile during the summer. We are also a 5 minute walk from a beautiful lake.

September to December, live in our house.

We are both very artisitic and would not be bored in the least with all our interests. We could travel and attend arts and crafts shows in the area that we are in to supplement our income.

I have it all planned out. I am eligible to retire with my pension in December. Now to just convince my husband it’s time….

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