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And on the Creative side…

I have some new designs that have recently been published to my website that I thought I would share with all of you. They are fabulous! Some of them have got to be my favorite of all…

I’ll start with the additions to my Jungle Theme collection.

The gorgeous embroidered “The Brigitte”

And all our other new creations

To see much more new, please visit our New page.

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Basic Training Tips

Basic Training Tips for Your New Dog or Puppy

If you have recently welcomed a new dog or puppy to your family you’ll want to teach them the basics of obedience. There are some simple training commands that every dog should know.

  • your dog should know how to come when called.

    • This is achieved by using the dog’s name along with the ‘Come’ or ‘Come here’ command. If your dog doesn’t understand, use the leash and gently urge him/her to come closer to you.
    • Another way to entice your dog to come when called is to use treats he/she really likes. Once she comes to you after being called, reward her with a treat and some praise. Treats are very important in the training process because most dogs are food motivated.

  • The next command you may want to work on is Sit. You can call your dog to you, then direct him to sit by pressing gently on their backside and giving a gentle tug up on the leash. Your dog should automatically sit down. The more you reinforce this with treats, the faster your dog will learn the sit command.
  • Other commands you may want to teach your new puppy or dog include

    • stay
    • heel
    • and lay down.

  • Some dog owners enjoy teaching their dogs tricks too

    • roll over
    • speak.

There are plenty of great books available these days that can give you a more extensive education in dog training. Your local library or bookstore should have a good selection from which you can choose.

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Dogs for People with Allergies

Are you allergic to dogs? If so, you may yearn for a canine companion but feel there is no way you can be a dog owner. Contrary to popular belief there are some dogs that don’t aggravate allergies. They are perfect for anyone who has allergies or sensitivity to dog hair or dander. One of the most popular breeds of dog is the Poodle. Poodles come in sizes from toy to standard, and are one of the most intelligent dogs found anywhere. They don’t shed, and don’t aggravate dog allergies.
Another good choice for people with allergies is the Schnauzer. This dog comes in Miniature, Standard and Giant size. These dogs have wiry coats that are also non-irritating to allergies. These dogs, like poodles, require periodic grooming to keep their coats in good shape.

The Kerry Blue Terrier has a soft coat that is not wiry, yet does not shed much and is known to be a solution for those who are allergic to dogs.

Another breed to consider is the elegant and adorable Maltese. The Maltese has a coat that grows long, silky fur but rarely sheds. Maltese dogs also don’t have much dander.

Chinese crested hairless dogs are also ideal for people with dog allergies. These dogs aren’t the most beautiful canine in the world but they have their own special charm.

If you want a small dog like a Chinese crested or Maltese you might also like the Bichon Frise. These little white dogs have puffy coats that require frequent grooming but don’t shed or produce a lot of dander either.

The best thing for someone with pet allergies to do is to research the breed that they want, then visit these dogs to ensure that they are truly suitable for you.

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Our Newest Line – Opportunity

Our Newest Line
Greyt Inspirations recently introduced a new line of dog collars.

Leather Dog Collars

These buckle dog collars come in various colors, styles and sizes – perfect for any dog, from small to large.Now we are offering to you an Introduction Offer:
Free shipping for the first 5 customers to buy one or more of these collars. To take advantage of this Introduction Offer, enter FREESHIPPING (make sure to use all caps) in the coupon field upon checkout.
Note: If the shipping cost is greater than $5.99, I will refund you the difference.

Happy Shopping!

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Aging Dogs

We have 2 senior greyhounds. Our very first greyhound, Mandy, is now 11 years old. We have noticed her slowing down during this past year and now she is not able to walk the distances she used to. She still thoroughly enjoys her walks, but they are much shorter than they used to be.

Onyx, is our most senior greyhound. At 13, he is nearing the end of his time with us. During the past few weeks, he has gone downhill very quickly. He is very unsteady on his back legs. He has a vet appointment this weekend to see what we can do to make him comfortable for the remainder of his life.

No matter how long they are with us, it is always extremely difficult to let them go when it is time. With 2 of our 4 greyhounds being seniors, it has been on our minds alot lately.

At least we have the knowledge that they have good, happy, fulfilled and very loved lives with us. We know that they are very happy here. They let us know in their own way, everyday. Even Onyx, with his problems, still wags his tail very happily when we get home.

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We’re Back

We’re back from our holidays, relaxed and refreshed. We will be back to filling orders as of August 4th; just a few more things to do around the house first.

We had a wonderful time, people and dogs. The dogs got lots of attention (and loved every minute of it), lots of walks and hikes, we had a fabulous time swimming (unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches) and learned alot about our new RV (likes and a few dislikes).

If we could have afforded the time, we probably would have stayed longer.
I hope everyone has had, or will have a wonderful vacation too.

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