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Taking Advantage of Great Weather…

The weather has been so beautiful in Indianapolis lately. My husband and I have been taking advantage of cooler temperatures and little to no rain over the past week. Staining the fence, working in the garden and yard and taking Tucker for walks at night.

I love when my husband and I have time to take Tucker on a “nighttime walk”. The neighborhood is lit only by the street lights of the housing development & Tucker can explore without the noise of passing cars, kids & roaring lawn mowers.

I can’t wait for the leaves to turn and weekends hiking at the park with the deer and autumn sunsets at our fingertips!

photo courtesy of flickr

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You know

Most people know the expression “When it rains, it pours”. Well, I really wish it weren’t the case.

My To Do lists are getting longer and longer and I don’t seem to be gaining any headway.

My Want To Do list also keeps growing but I never seem to be able to get to that one.

Here’s my Saturday “Have to do” list (in no particular order):

  • tidy and clean the house

  • read and answer emails (most are business emails)
  • get orders that are ready, packaged and ready to be shipped
  • get pending orders completed
  • start on huge new order received this week
  • create a new embroidery design for a customer (as promised) for a specific dog collar he would like
  • take care of my very sick dog “Onyx”. Spend some time with him. He has cancer and won’t be with us much longer…
  • pay bills
  • laundry
  • remind and push husband into getting some household work done, including renovation work…
  • finish business newsletter and get it mailed out

Much of this list will spill into Sunday and beyond.

“Want to do” list looks like this (in no particular order):

  • tidy and clean house
  • take dogs for a walk
  • work on new website design
  • help with our garage renovations (enlarging our storage room)
  • tidy up my work room
  • woodcarving (maybe I’ll be able to get back into it someday…)
  • stained glass fusing (maybe I’ll be able to get back into it someday…)

This list is by no means complete, just what I could think of while writing this. Ughhhh!

What are your week/weekend plans?

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Simple Solutions…ahhh the good life :)

Sometimes its the simple things that make us happy and this product is no exception. My mixed-breed is 3 years old and due to his breed and attitude still has accidents now and then. Funny how my dog can go 8+ hours during the day without needing to go, but soon as night falls…its a different story. Don’t get me started with the separation anxiety disorder 🙂

My husband and I wanted to replace our worn out carpet but refused until we could find a product that would keep our dog from ruining our investment and our sanity. Luckily we were told about a product from Simple Solution.

The product is called a washable male wrap and is made from denim on the outside and flannel on the inside (with mesh on the middle inside). The great thing about it is it doesn’t restrict your male dog like a diaper, it only wraps around the “pee pee” and Velcros together on the top. You can purchase pads to absorb urine accidents from Simple Solutions, but I highly recommend purchasing Always or Kotex pads and cutting them in half. They will be more comfortable for your dog and cheaper too! The thinner the pad, the more my dog doesn’t seem to mind them, even though he still walks funny every night when I put it on 🙂 I would also recommend purchasing two, for those nights you forget to wash the diaper. The diaper wrap can be purchased at chain pet stores as well as online sites like

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Dog Sleepover Etiquette…Who Knew?

While browsing several popular US doggy day care facilities, I came across a national company called “Central Bark“.  This company is spread across several US states and offers the normal boarding, play dates and grooming services. 

However, now your lucky dog can participate in arranged (or spontaneous depending how you look at it) sleepovers.  You heard me, sleepovers.  Not only can my dog be pampered, get more play time and naps then I would on vacation, they can be socialized teenagers as well 🙂

But wait, there’s more.  Not only can you pay for your dog to have his first sleepover, there is a pdf list of do’s and do not’s as well.  Like pre-measuring your dog’s food in baggies (oh yes, I do this all the time), then apparently this has to be placed in a rodent proof container…where is this place, New York?  Don’t forget your permanent marker and maximum of two toys.  If I’m not mistaken, I think I’m actually sending my dog to boarding school???!

Has anyone taken this leap and exposed their dog to a sleepover?  I think I’ll stick to the occasional Doggy Day Care for now 🙂 

picture courtesy of Central Bark

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A bit of information….

I would like to introduce Julie, a new Greyt Inspirations author for our blog. She joined us last week and has already been giving us some good information. Welcome Julie!

With all the upcoming holidays, we have posted our Holiday Deadline information so that you won’t miss out on any opportunities to get some wonderful gifts or holiday themed collars or leashes for those holidays.

Speaking of which, we have a fabulous new Hallowe’en collar just added to our Special Occasion line. This one is called “Bats”. Bats
We have recently added many new designs to our Martingale Collars. You can find all of the new designs in our New section. You won’t want to miss out on these, there are some gorgeous new martingale dog collar designs! Some of them are limited editions…

And now for some Doggy Tails.

Mandy has learned something from Shadow and Rowdy. She recently started “talking” to us! Although she is loosing her voice and only does a raspy sound these days, she has taken after Shadow and Rowdy. At 12 years old, she now comes to us after we have finished eating supper and starts “talking” to us in an attempt to get all the others to have their nightly “Roo” and to get some “lovin”. It is too, too cute. Mandy was our very first greyhound and has (of course) been with us the longest. She is not the brightest and takes quite a long time to learn things (but she is oh-so sweet and beautiful) but after many years, she has finally taken to talking. I guess she realized the extra attention that Shadow and Rowdy get for talking to us…
Rowdy continues to serenade us nightly with his whine, whine, whine if we don’t go join him on the bed to watch TV at night. It is his special cuddle time and he “demands” (LOL) that special time. His sense of timing is off (purposely?) as it seems to get earlier and earlier all the time…
Shadow, well..Shadow is Shadow. Our big, loveable, laid-back guy. He has found Rowdy to be competition and comes to us for much more attention these days…no complaints, it is wonderful!
Onyx, our goof, is still here. He has Osteo and his back leg is giving him more and more problems. He is on pain meds and is doing okay. He is still happy, still eating and still being Onyx (although not so “goofy” these days and I really miss that…). As long as our lovable, sweetie is still happy to be here, we will continue to give him extra-special lovies and attention. We don’t know how long he will be with us but everyday is a blessing.

Every one of our dogs is a joy to have in our lives!

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Choosing a mixed-breed pet for your family…

You support buying a pet from a shelter and want to let your children choose the new family member, but not researching dog breeds can leave your family heartbroken, your house in shambles and your new pet homeless.

According to choosing a mixed-breed pet can have several advantages including a longer life-span, deeper appreciation and love for their owners and even better luck with training than the average purebred.

My husband and I own a jack russel / whippet mix named “Tucker” that we adopted from Animal House Rescue (NW Ohio) which we found through searching the pages of  We were lucky to adopt from a “foster mom” who told us about Tucker’s possible behavior issues, his approximate adult size, his history (in our case, Tucker was in a high kill shelter in southern Ohio and had severe heart worms…Animal House Rescue takes care of health issues before you adopt and provides records from a local vet clinic).  If you are not provided with this information, ask.  Not knowing this information can lead to surprises that can be damaging to your family and your check book.

Of course I had to add pics of Tucker above.  All in all, we were very surprised how loyal he has been and how his love for us seems to grow daily.  We have had our share of potty training and barking issues but are very happy with our mixed breed pick.

Just a tip:  Don’t search until you are ready for a new pet.  The pictures are so cute you will melt the second you start searching!!

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Greenies –Not Just for Bad Breath Anymore…

Dog owners know what its like to be close to your pet after they have eaten a bowl full of dry food, ate one of your freshly planted flowers or sneaked into the bathroom to find a new water dish …ewww!
Since brushing your pet’s teeth is as easy as wrestling a small child into doing the same, a company called “Greenies” has made teeth protection and bad breath blues into a fun treat that your dog or cat will love!

But wait there’s more! Greenies recently launched a new product that will make giving your pets medication easy too. They are called “pill pockets” and are sure to be a hit with your dog or cat!

Click here for a free sample of original Greenies (dog or cat)
Click here for a free sample of greenies pill pockets (dog or cat)

dog and cat photo courtesy of flickr

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Watch Dogs

Dogs To Watch Over You

Dogs are great companions, but in todays day and age we may want our dog to be more than just our companion and friend. People are now letting their dogs house sit. Dogs are being taught to watch and guard their owners homes. Both watch dogs and guard dogs bark to alert their owner of an intruder. A watch dogs function ends with the barking to alert their master. A guard dog, on the other hand, is taught to bark and also to restrain or attack the intruder.

If you are interested in a guard dog you should obtain the services of  a professional dog trainer. Some good dog breeds for watch and guard dog activities are Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd. There are many more, these are just a few examples.

Watch dogs are generally smaller dogs than guard dogs. Some smaller breeds such as the toy and miniature are great. These dogs tend to bark a lot, so they are very good for alerting their master that an intruder is present.

Guard dogs tend to be larger like the ones named earlier. The trainability of a dog should be the number one asset for a good guard dog. A dog that is intelligent and eager to learn will retain its natural protectiveness over what it designates as its territory when properly trained by its owner or handler.

Whether you choose a watch dog or a full-fledged guard dog, it is important to always assert your dominance as master of the home and teach your dog to respect family and friends. Your dog should never try to chase, restrain or bite a human being he or she deems threatening without a command from you. A good dog obedience trainer will teach you everything you need to know about these matters and others, so choose who you feel is the most experienced in your area.

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Dog Bites

Avoiding the Issue of Dog Biting

The best time to teach your dog not to bite is when he is a puppy. But older dogs can also be taught not to bite too. First and foremost, the puppy or dog should know that you, the owner, is the leader of the pack (alpha).

Dogs bite for many reasons, sometimes they bite when they are playing with someone in the home. Some dogs bite out of insecurity and fear, and some dogs have been brought up to bite. Never hit your dog for biting, your dog must have respect for you and trust in you for you to be able to teach it proper manners.

If you act like the dogs equal he/she will never respect you, it will only treat you as a littermate. If there is no trust, the dog may bite out of fear and lack of confidence.

When playing with your puppy or dog, do not let it play bite. Dogs tend to play in this manner unless taught otherwise but you must be consistent when training your puppy or dog. He/she needs to know that biting in any form is out of the question . During the forth or fifth week of life, your dog realizes that bites hurt. If your dog nips you at this time let him know it hurts, say Ouch! in a loud and firm tone to get his/her attention.

Have your pet socialize with other animals, this builds up confidence and is good for your pet.

Always remember your pet just wants to please you. A good word, a gentle pat, a dog treat are some ways to let your pet know he has pleased you.

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Supplies for your new puppy

Supplies You’ll Need for Your New Puppy

If you’re considering a new puppy, you will first need to gather the necessary supplies. Many people don’t realize how many supplies puppies actually require. In addition to their mandatory shots and vet visit, you will need to stock your home with the essentials your new addition will need. Your puppy will need to eat, of course, so the first item on your list should be puppy food. The brand you choose is a matter of personal preference, however be sure to pick a good quality pet food. Make sure you choose food especially made for puppies, not adult dogs.

Once you’ve picked out the puppy food you’ll need something to put it in. There are a wide assortment of bowls for puppies and dogs to eat and drink from. Some of them are simple and inexpensive while others are works of art. For example you can find ceramic bowls hand painted with cute decorations or even customize your dog’s bowl. There are also metal dog bowls that are sturdy and easy to clean. You should not use plastic dishes as the bacteria collects in plastic and cannot be washed off.

Your puppy will also need toys and treats. You don’t want to overwhelm your home with goodies, just pick up a box of treats appropriate for puppies and a few toys that you think he or she will like. Many puppies like soft, snuggly plush animals to cuddle and play with.

Speaking of cuddling, you’ll want to buy a bed for your new dog. There are round beds with soft interiors that your puppy will adore.

A collar and leash are two more essentials. Make sure the collar fits snugly around your puppies neck yet allows you to fit two fingers underneath.

There are plenty of other supplies (some necessary and some frivolous) for puppies and dogs at pet stores everywhere.

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