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Supplies for your new puppy

Supplies You’ll Need for Your New Puppy

If you’re considering a new puppy, you will first need to gather the necessary supplies. Many people don’t realize how many supplies puppies actually require. In addition to their mandatory shots and vet visit, you will need to stock your home with the essentials your new addition will need. Your puppy will need to eat, of course, so the first item on your list should be puppy food. The brand you choose is a matter of personal preference, however be sure to pick a good quality pet food. Make sure you choose food especially made for puppies, not adult dogs.

Once you’ve picked out the puppy food you’ll need something to put it in. There are a wide assortment of bowls for puppies and dogs to eat and drink from. Some of them are simple and inexpensive while others are works of art. For example you can find ceramic bowls hand painted with cute decorations or even customize your dog’s bowl. There are also metal dog bowls that are sturdy and easy to clean. You should not use plastic dishes as the bacteria collects in plastic and cannot be washed off.

Your puppy will also need toys and treats. You don’t want to overwhelm your home with goodies, just pick up a box of treats appropriate for puppies and a few toys that you think he or she will like. Many puppies like soft, snuggly plush animals to cuddle and play with.

Speaking of cuddling, you’ll want to buy a bed for your new dog. There are round beds with soft interiors that your puppy will adore.

A collar and leash are two more essentials. Make sure the collar fits snugly around your puppies neck yet allows you to fit two fingers underneath.

There are plenty of other supplies (some necessary and some frivolous) for puppies and dogs at pet stores everywhere.


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