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Dog Bites

Avoiding the Issue of Dog Biting

The best time to teach your dog not to bite is when he is a puppy. But older dogs can also be taught not to bite too. First and foremost, the puppy or dog should know that you, the owner, is the leader of the pack (alpha).

Dogs bite for many reasons, sometimes they bite when they are playing with someone in the home. Some dogs bite out of insecurity and fear, and some dogs have been brought up to bite. Never hit your dog for biting, your dog must have respect for you and trust in you for you to be able to teach it proper manners.

If you act like the dogs equal he/she will never respect you, it will only treat you as a littermate. If there is no trust, the dog may bite out of fear and lack of confidence.

When playing with your puppy or dog, do not let it play bite. Dogs tend to play in this manner unless taught otherwise but you must be consistent when training your puppy or dog. He/she needs to know that biting in any form is out of the question . During the forth or fifth week of life, your dog realizes that bites hurt. If your dog nips you at this time let him know it hurts, say Ouch! in a loud and firm tone to get his/her attention.

Have your pet socialize with other animals, this builds up confidence and is good for your pet.

Always remember your pet just wants to please you. A good word, a gentle pat, a dog treat are some ways to let your pet know he has pleased you.


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