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Choosing a mixed-breed pet for your family…

You support buying a pet from a shelter and want to let your children choose the new family member, but not researching dog breeds can leave your family heartbroken, your house in shambles and your new pet homeless.

According to choosing a mixed-breed pet can have several advantages including a longer life-span, deeper appreciation and love for their owners and even better luck with training than the average purebred.

My husband and I own a jack russel / whippet mix named “Tucker” that we adopted from Animal House Rescue (NW Ohio) which we found through searching the pages of  We were lucky to adopt from a “foster mom” who told us about Tucker’s possible behavior issues, his approximate adult size, his history (in our case, Tucker was in a high kill shelter in southern Ohio and had severe heart worms…Animal House Rescue takes care of health issues before you adopt and provides records from a local vet clinic).  If you are not provided with this information, ask.  Not knowing this information can lead to surprises that can be damaging to your family and your check book.

Of course I had to add pics of Tucker above.  All in all, we were very surprised how loyal he has been and how his love for us seems to grow daily.  We have had our share of potty training and barking issues but are very happy with our mixed breed pick.

Just a tip:  Don’t search until you are ready for a new pet.  The pictures are so cute you will melt the second you start searching!!


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  1. Welcome Julie,

    I guess this is a good time to introduce and welcome Julie, a new author for our blog. We are looking forward to some wonderful information and great stories from you.

    Tucker is adorable and lucky to have joined your family.


    Comment by greytinspirations | September 12, 2008 | Reply

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