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A bit of information….

I would like to introduce Julie, a new Greyt Inspirations author for our blog. She joined us last week and has already been giving us some good information. Welcome Julie!

With all the upcoming holidays, we have posted our Holiday Deadline information so that you won’t miss out on any opportunities to get some wonderful gifts or holiday themed collars or leashes for those holidays.

Speaking of which, we have a fabulous new Hallowe’en collar just added to our Special Occasion line. This one is called “Bats”. Bats
We have recently added many new designs to our Martingale Collars. You can find all of the new designs in our New section. You won’t want to miss out on these, there are some gorgeous new martingale dog collar designs! Some of them are limited editions…

And now for some Doggy Tails.

Mandy has learned something from Shadow and Rowdy. She recently started “talking” to us! Although she is loosing her voice and only does a raspy sound these days, she has taken after Shadow and Rowdy. At 12 years old, she now comes to us after we have finished eating supper and starts “talking” to us in an attempt to get all the others to have their nightly “Roo” and to get some “lovin”. It is too, too cute. Mandy was our very first greyhound and has (of course) been with us the longest. She is not the brightest and takes quite a long time to learn things (but she is oh-so sweet and beautiful) but after many years, she has finally taken to talking. I guess she realized the extra attention that Shadow and Rowdy get for talking to us…
Rowdy continues to serenade us nightly with his whine, whine, whine if we don’t go join him on the bed to watch TV at night. It is his special cuddle time and he “demands” (LOL) that special time. His sense of timing is off (purposely?) as it seems to get earlier and earlier all the time…
Shadow, well..Shadow is Shadow. Our big, loveable, laid-back guy. He has found Rowdy to be competition and comes to us for much more attention these days…no complaints, it is wonderful!
Onyx, our goof, is still here. He has Osteo and his back leg is giving him more and more problems. He is on pain meds and is doing okay. He is still happy, still eating and still being Onyx (although not so “goofy” these days and I really miss that…). As long as our lovable, sweetie is still happy to be here, we will continue to give him extra-special lovies and attention. We don’t know how long he will be with us but everyday is a blessing.

Every one of our dogs is a joy to have in our lives!

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