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Dog Sleepover Etiquette…Who Knew?

While browsing several popular US doggy day care facilities, I came across a national company called “Central Bark“.  This company is spread across several US states and offers the normal boarding, play dates and grooming services. 

However, now your lucky dog can participate in arranged (or spontaneous depending how you look at it) sleepovers.  You heard me, sleepovers.  Not only can my dog be pampered, get more play time and naps then I would on vacation, they can be socialized teenagers as well 🙂

But wait, there’s more.  Not only can you pay for your dog to have his first sleepover, there is a pdf list of do’s and do not’s as well.  Like pre-measuring your dog’s food in baggies (oh yes, I do this all the time), then apparently this has to be placed in a rodent proof container…where is this place, New York?  Don’t forget your permanent marker and maximum of two toys.  If I’m not mistaken, I think I’m actually sending my dog to boarding school???!

Has anyone taken this leap and exposed their dog to a sleepover?  I think I’ll stick to the occasional Doggy Day Care for now 🙂 

picture courtesy of Central Bark


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