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Simple Solutions…ahhh the good life :)

Sometimes its the simple things that make us happy and this product is no exception. My mixed-breed is 3 years old and due to his breed and attitude still has accidents now and then. Funny how my dog can go 8+ hours during the day without needing to go, but soon as night falls…its a different story. Don’t get me started with the separation anxiety disorder šŸ™‚

My husband and I wanted to replace our worn out carpet but refused until we could find a product that would keep our dog from ruining our investment and our sanity. Luckily we were told about a product from Simple Solution.

The product is called a washable male wrap and is made from denim on the outside and flannel on the inside (with mesh on the middle inside). The great thing about it is it doesn’t restrict your male dog like a diaper, it only wraps around the “pee pee” and Velcros together on the top. You can purchase pads to absorb urine accidents from Simple Solutions, but I highly recommend purchasing Always or Kotex pads and cutting them in half. They will be more comfortable for your dog and cheaper too! The thinner the pad, the more my dog doesn’t seem to mind them, even though he still walks funny every night when I put it on šŸ™‚ I would also recommend purchasing two, for those nights you forget to wash the diaper. The diaper wrap can be purchased at chain pet stores as well as online sites like


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