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Have you seen these dog nail grinders on TV?  The kind that they advertise dogs tolerate so well?  I’ve been seeing them in my local drugstore and I’ve been tempted to get one.  I’m usually pretty good about keeping up with my dogs’ nail trimming but I use a Dremel — a nail grinder that is just what it sounds like.  It’s a drill-type hand-held device that came from the hardware aisle at Walmart.  It buzzes and whirls at a pretty high speed and I use little sanding drums on it for the dogs’ nails.  But it would be possible to slip on other attachments, like drill bits, and do other jobs.  No, the dogs don’t particularly like it but they are all used to it and I give them treats as I do each paw so they’ve learned to live with it.  Still, doing nails is kind of a stressful time here.  I don’t usually nick anybody but I have, on occasion, caught someone’s long hair in the rotator, which is a very bad thing to do.  Instant crisis.


There are two brands of these new nail grinders being advertised — the PediPaws and the Peticure.  Luckily I know people who have tried both of them.  They really like them.  I think either one would be good for small dogs.  Both kinds also come in more powerful versions for big dogs with stronger, harder nails.  They actually work just like my Dremel, with a rotator and sanding drum inside, though they don’t seem to rotate as fast (unless you buy the professional versions).  They only take off small flakes of the nail at a time that way.  This means that you may have to use them more often to keep your dog’s nails short but you are much less likely to cause your dog any pain.


Another good thing about these products is that they come with a safeguard — the rounded portion that fits outside the actual sanding drum.  This keeps any hair from getting inside near the rotator.  You can also buy these safeguards separately — something I may do since they will fit on Dremel products.  You can also buy extra sanding drums from the manufacturers which you will need eventually, or you can just buy them in any hardware aisle.


So far everyone I know who has tried PediPaws and Peticure has really liked them for their dogs, whether they are pets or showdogs.  If you get one for yourself you might think about getting an extra one for a dog lover friend — I think they would make a great Christmas present and the prices are not bad.  The basic PediPaws model is $19.99 and Peticure is being advertised for $14.99.  Prices go up as they get more powerful and add attachments.


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  1. good to know, thanks, I have thought about getting one of those things you use, since a couple of pet groomers have used something like them on my dog and they seem a lot easier than cutting with a scissor… but the pedicure and pedipaws sound even better…

    Comment by CeliaSue | November 14, 2008 | Reply

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