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Dogs and Significant Others

For anyone who is wondering about me beyond my life with dogs, I’m just past calling myself “young.”  In other words, I’m old enough that I don’t tell people how old I am.  Let’s just say that the ‘80s and ‘90s rocked, okay?  LOL


I am home with my dogs most of the time and I do consider them my family.  If you’re dog lovers I’m sure you know what that feels like.  I have a semi-significant other who’s in Iraq.  It’s one of those things where we were engaged, then we weren’t.  Now I say we’re friends and he says we’re still dating.  So, who knows?  He will be home for good in December.  I guess we’ll see what happens.  Provided he doesn’t get weird again.  He came home from Iraq a couple of years ago and it took him months to get back to normal.  He’s very hardheaded and he wouldn’t get help when he needed it.  He promises that he will this time if he has any problems.


I work at home and I’m able to be with my dogs all day which I really love.  Since I write anyway I use them as examples in lots of things I write about.  They give me plenty of material.  I experiment on them with products, foods, taking them to places for dogs.  I think they get to do some things that they wouldn’t get to do if I didn’t write about their adventures.  Plus, any disaster here at home is likely to turn up in a story.  It helps us find the humor in things.


For example, when the dogs first met the significant other that could have been traumatic.  He grew up without pets and was wary of dogs.  I had eight dogs at the time and they were boisterously friendly, to the point of nearly knocking him down trying to meet him.  But we got through it and laugh about it now.  We’re still trying to laugh about all the times the dogs have eaten his belongings.  They seem to ignore my things and only eat his stuff for some reason, like his expensive sunglasses or his digital camera.  I tell him all the time that he has to put his stuff up, keep things up high where they can’t reach them, but he never listens to me.  So his things get eaten.  You’d think he’d learn after nearly six years.


I think there are a lot of couples like us, where one person is a real dog lover and the other person is always trying to adjust.  There’s no question that it puts strains on a relationship.  We’ve definitely had fights about the dogs.  But the dogs aren’t going anywhere.  Maybe with some couples they will get rid of a dog, but with people who are really attached to their pets they just try to work it out.  I know of many more couples where the person who started out as a non-dog lover ended up being devoted to the dogs.  Even my significant other has become very knowledgeable about dogs.  He has helped me bathe and groom them.  He can carry on a conversation about dog food or dog breeds.  He listens to me talk about puppies for hours.  He’s gone to the vet with us and paid ER vet bills.  He has come a long way from the guy who was intimidated when he met the dogs in my kitchen on our second date.  Besides, I figure if he wasn’t frightened off by meeting eight big dogs that night he must have some redeeming qualities.  And the dogs really like him.

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  1. For myself, I don’t think I would be with anyone other than a dog lover. I love dogs, I love their companionship, their devotion, their friendship and most of all, their unconditional love.
    Love me, love my dogs!

    Comment by greytinspirations | November 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. I always thought I would meet someone like a veterinarian or someone with horses since I loved animals so much, but it just didn’t happen. But it’s still very much love me, love my dogs! Carlotta

    Comment by eshever | November 18, 2008 | Reply

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