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Gearing up for the Holidays!

I know we’re getting close to Thanksgiving but I’m already thinking about Christmas!  Not only am I thinking about what I might get my dogs for Christmas but I am thinking, once again, about whether I want to try to gather them all up to try to get a group picture with Santa.



Photo courtesy flickr

Photo courtesy flickr

Maybe a group picture is asking too much with four dogs, but I do know people who have dogs who are well-behaved enough (or who have photographers with enough patience) to get a group picture with that many dogs.



I can manage to have all of my dogs groomed and looking nice at the same time, if I really work on it.  But the thought of trying to get all of them posing, sitting still in a busy store, and sort of looking at the photographer instead of trying to eat Santa’s beard always makes me nervous.


Many places already have their pet Santas in place so you can sign up for photos with him.  For sheer cuteness it’s hard to beat a photo of a pet with Santa Claus — or is that Santa Paws?  Pet superstores usually have some days when Santa will be visiting for photos so check with your local store if you’re interested.


Of course these stores want you to do a little shopping for your pet while you’re there, too.  Even though our economy is way down this year, according to a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution pet owners say they have no intention of scrimping on gifts for their pets.  More than half of pet owners in about 83 million households are expected to buy their pets gifts this holiday season.


Popular holiday gift ideas for dogs include doggy clothing from Orvis, Juicy Couture doggy pajamas (so cute for small dogs!), the Aspen Pet Dogzilla Dog Toy Dumbbell, Chuckit! Fetching Balls, Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys, TFH Publications 50 Games To Play With Your Dog, Orvis Plush Squeaky Toys and ToughChew Toys, and (one of the things I always long to get) a selection of great Orvis dog beds.


Juicy Couture Dog Pajamas

Juicy Couture Dog Pajamas



We’ll look at some more pet gift ideas as we get closer to Christmas, especially some of the new things out for this year.


And, of course, don’t forget the beautiful martingale collars, embroidered collars, leashes, jewelry and other items right here on the web site!  There are some wonderful gift ideas here for your pets.


I think dogs like this time of year a lot.  There’s usually more cooking in the house, more people.  Lots of things going on, lots of activity.  Of course you have to be careful about a few things, like not giving your dog things to eat that he shouldn’t have, and not letting him get into the decorations.  But, overall, I think it’s a happy time of year for dogs.


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  1. the pups in juicy couture dog pajamas is to DIE FOR. so cute. nice post!

    Comment by gambypants | November 19, 2008 | Reply

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