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Things to do over the holidays

If you have some time off during the Thanksgiving holidays there are some dog-related things going on that might be of interest.


NBC will be presenting the National Dog Show Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) at noon (all time zones) following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The dog show is otherwise known as the Philadelphia Kennel Club show and it’s been held for some 125 years.  This year’s show will help raise money for the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and is supported by Purina, which sponsors many dog show events.


The show will draw over 2000 dogs in some 150 different breeds.  It will be hosted, once again, by John O’Hurley, formerly of Seinfeld, and David Frei, well-known to viewers from hosting the Westminster Kennel Club broadcasts.  It’s always fun to watch and see your favorite breed, along with some of the rarer breeds.  Who will be Best In Show?  Can you pick the winner?  Tune in and find out.


marley_lgIf you’re more inclined toward reading, the book Marley & Me is out in paperback and I’ve been seeing it prominently promoted in grocery stores and other places recently.  The movie based on the book is due out on December 25.  If you’re not familiar with the story, Marley & Me is a New York Times bestselling autobiographical book by author John Grogan.  It’s about Grogan and his family’s life during the 13 years they lived with their Labrador Retriever named Marley.  The author and his family learned all kinds of important lessons from this wonderful, if wayward, dog.  The story is advertised as “life and love with the world’s worst dog.”  Marley is not exactly a perfectly behaved, ideal dog.  But his family learns to cherish him and his ways.  You can read an excerpt from the book on the author’s Web site.  Or, watch a preview of the movie, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, at its official site.  It looks adorable.


If you like your dogs animated, the Walt Disney film Bolt is in theaters right now.  Bolt is a canine superhero — at least he thinks he is.  He’s actually a dog on a TV show who was raised on the set.  When he finds himself in the real world he discovers that his super powers aren’t so real afterall.  But he must save a friend in trouble so he and a group of animal friends set out to do all they can to save the day.


If you have some time at home during these holidays don’t forget to spend a little extra time with your own dog.  A few extra hugs are always appreciated by your best friend.


Happy Thanksgiving.


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