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Blue comes home


I finally got my little Boo Boo home from California.  Only he’s not so little any more!  He was 15 ounces when he was born and now, 12 months later, he’s 62 pounds and taller than my tallest dog.  He must be about 27 inches tall at the top of his shoulders.  His dad’s a big dog but the last time I saw his dad he was outdoors so he didn’t seem so big.  When you have a dog this size in your house, along with four others, you really notice!


100_0625It’s great to have him home.  He left here when he was four months old to go to my friend in California for field training.  She showed him a few times, too.  I wasn’t sure if he would remember me and the other dogs but when I picked him up at the airport I saw him staring at me from his crate like he was trying to remember me.  When I put him in the car he buried his nose in my hair and took a huge sniff, then slept all the way home.  And when I brought him in the house the other dogs greeted him like he was one of them.  It was like, “Hey!  Where you been?  What took you so long?”


Little Pearl has been beside herself, she’s so happy he’s home.  From the moment he was born she decided he was her personal toy.  She’s only six months older than he is so she was a combination mom-big sister-tormentor to him.  She is NOT his mother, but she would get in the whelping area every chance she could to try to take care of him.  Then as soon as he started walking and was able to see, she must have figured out that he was another puppy because she wanted to play with him.  She started picking him up and trying to carry him with her around the house like a stuffie, with him protesting the whole way.  His real mother never did anything to stop her.  She was glad to have another dog taking care of him, except for the nursing.  A little later Pearl decided he should go outside with her so I’d have to try to catch her before she dragged him outside by his hind leg, with him screaming.  I don’t know why she wanted to take him outside with her in January, but she was very determined.


At least by then little Boo Boo (or Blue, or Colin — his proper name) was big enough to walk and get around by himself.  Pearl would drag him out by his back leg and he would come puppy-running back inside the house if I missed catching Pearl.  But he was crazy about Pearl, too, because she was like a mom to him, so he played with her a lot in the whelping area and everywhere else.  He finally got too big for Pearl to try to haul around but they still played all the time.  Right up until I sent him to California.  Pearl was heartbroken.


Blue was a singleton — an only puppy — so Pearl was sort of like a littermate to him, I guess.  She kept him from being a lonely puppy.  I never knew puppies could bond with each other like this but they had a very special relationship.


As soon as he came home the other night he and Pearl picked up right where they left off.  They haven’t stopped playing since I brought him home.  Beau tries to play with him and sometimes he is friendly with his big sister, Billie, but it’s really only Blue and Pearl who play together.  They sleep next to each other.  They do everything together.  Pearl is usually devoted to me but with Blue here she has forgotten all about me for now.  That’s okay.  I’m just happy they’re happy.  The only thing that’s changed is that Blue is about twice as big as Pearl now!  It’s so funny because sometimes he has to almost lie down in the floor to play with her.  He towers over her.  But they still race and chase around the backyard and they wrestle and play for hours.  It’s wonderful to watch them.  I think Pearl is even happier he’s home than I am.

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