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Shopping for dog gifts on Cyber Monday

In case you haven’t heard, today is Cyber Monday (which sounds so much nicer than “Black Friday,” I think).  This is the day when Americans and others panic and realize they only have 3 1/2 weeks to do their Christmas shopping and millions of them go online to start buying things, praying they will be delivered on time.  And they may find some good bargains online in the process.  Plus, it can be a lot easier to do your shopping online rather than getting out to the stores and battling traffic and bad weather.


I am definitely in the camp of those who prefer to shop online.  I only venture out to a brick and mortar store as a last resort.  I worked in a department store during college vacations and it is not fun to work the holidays.  I had enough exposure to holiday shopping to last me for the rest of my life, from being at the store at 4 a.m., to working til midnight, to working the day after Thanksgiving, right up to working the day after Christmas when people return everything and spend the money on what they really want.  No!  I do not like being in stores this time of year!  Give me cyber shopping!

Plaid Zuka Bowl

Plaid Zuka Bowl

Since I do prefer to shop online I’ve been browsing to look at what’s new for dogs this holiday season.  Dog Fancy recently had a list of some of the best new gifts for dogs.  They chose Puppy Bumpers — padded pillow collars that wrap around the neck of small dogs so they can’t slip through fences and escape.  What a great idea.  Dog Fancy also had praise for leashes and doggy jackets from Be Seen Toys.  These products stand out because they glow in the dark, making it easy to see your dog if you’re looking for them at night.  $20-60 from Sherpa Pet Group.


Zuka Bowls are another popular item this year.  These are collapsible bowls with a clip so you can attach them to your dog’s leash or to your own belt loop.  You can always have a water bowl with you when you’re out with your dog.  $12-16 from Itzadog.  ORKA Flyer is another favorite this year.  This flying disk (always a favorite concept with dogs) is made from flexible nontoxic rubber.  Your dog should love playing catch with one of these colorful toys.  $12.99 from PetStages.


Dog Fancy also liked the Drink Better Bowl, an ergonomically designed bowl that encourages dogs to drink at a slower, healthier pace.  It allows your dog access to only a small amount of water at a time.  Cool design and colors.  $30 from Muttropolis.


That’s just a look at some of Dog Fancy’s holiday picks for dogs.  There are lots of other great gifts.  If you find something that your dog just loves this year leave a comment below to let the rest of us know about it.  And don’t forget to check out the beautiful embroidered collars and the great leather collars and leashes and other accessories for your dog here at Greyt Inspirations.  We even have some terrific people products, too.

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